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Where can you find jewelry that is nickel-free?

By Kate Brown

We were shocked when we read this New York Times article, stating how nickel allergies are on the rise in the US.

This article also stated that the United States and Europe do not have regulations or restrictions on nickel products, one of the most common allergens in the US. 

What does this have to do with Tini Lux?

At Tini Lux, we realized there was a major problem in the jewelry market that needed immediate solving. So many consumers were complaining that they couldn't wear earrings because they caused irritation, swelling, rashes, and redness. Statement earrings were near impossible to wear because along with the issues stated above, the heavy weight of the metals caused their ears to ache. 

We have created jewelry with the metal, Titanium. Not only is Titanium biocompatible, meaning it can live in perfect harmony with the body (#namaste), but it's also extremely light-weight and durable. We plate this metal with gold, silver, and rose-gold, but the parts that touch your ear are 100% Titanium.

With our earring line taking off so quickly, we noticed this was a real need, allowing us to expand into bracelets and soon necklaces.   

So, if you're one of the 20% of Americans suffering from a nickel allergy, and you've given up on jewelry, think again! Check out some of our best pieces below.

Hypoallergenic Diamond Standard Earrings - On sale through 10/12


Hypoallergenic 45mm Square Hoops


Hypoallergenic Spike Studs


Hypoallergenic Gold Cuff Bracelet


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