Join our diverse community of ambassadors who are passionate about finding everyday lux moments and sharing that feeling with others. 

What is the Lux Life?

The Lux Life is all about feeling like your best self and finding the tiny luxuries in life. Jewelry is one tiny luxury that we all wear to feel stylish, powerful, unique, and special.

At Tini Lux, we want everyone to enjoy that experience without pain, which is why we’ve spent the last three years making earrings that are actually safe for sensitive ears.  

Some other examples of the Lux Life are trying out a new face mask, grabbing matcha with a friend, having a glass of wine on a Friday night, checking your horoscope, or putting fresh sheets on your bed.

Join the Lux Life and help us share that feeling with your community.


Why become an ambassador?

As an ambassador, you will receive access to new jewelry on a regular basis, exclusive discounts for you and your community, and increased social media presence.

What are we looking for in a brand ambassador?

Our brand ambassadors are excited to accessorize every day. To them, style is an integral part of personal expression and they love to share their unique looks with their community. They are the friend that always knows the latest trends and never gate-keeps.

What should you expect?

As a brand ambassador, you are part of the Tini Lux Team.  We want ambassadors who can share our everyday lux values through social promotion and community engagement. In turn, you may be featured on our Instagram and TikTok accounts and will receive plenty of new jewelry.

How do you choose ambassadors?

We look at your social media presence, the quality of your content, your aesthetic, and your style.

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