Hypoallergenic necklaces

Sleek necklaces made with...
||TLW01NHerrG ||all

lilou necklace

||TLNLinkG ||all

jasmine necklace

||TLNDewG All Dew Necklaces||all

dew necklace

||TLNSmJsmG ||all

small jasmine necklace


"I am allergic to gold, and I can't tell you how disappointing this was to discover, but finding Tini Lux has been a godsend. I love this necklace so much"


hypoallergenic gold figaro chain necklace ||TLBFigroG girl wearing gold figaro necklace made with titanium ||all

sophia necklace

||TLW01NLLouG ||all

large lilou necklace

crystal gemstone and pearl pendant hypoallergenic bridal necklace ||TLNAnkG girl wearing gold nickel free pearl pendant bridal necklace ||all

anika pendant necklace

||TLNLeviG ||TLNLeviG

levi necklace


miley charm necklace

chunky gold chain necklace with padlock charm for sensitive skin ||TLNAryaG girl wearing hypoallergenic lock necklace for sensitive skin '||all

arya necklace

||TLNCarmG ||all

carmen necklace

||TLNTraG ||all

terra necklace

||TLNMtoG ||all

matteo necklace

||TLNPlnaG ||all

paulina necklace

||TLNmartG ||all

martina necklace

||TLNTnnsG ||all

thin tennis necklace

||TLNBilG ||all

billie necklace

stainless steel gold crystal cluster necklace for brides and bridal parties ||TLNNinaG ||all

nina necklace

||TLNPiaG ||all

pia necklace

||TLNStnG ||all

jordin necklace