Lab Results: Metal Analysis

What do these results mean?
Our earrings are made with Commercially Pure Grade 1 Titanium.
In order to meet the standards for CP Grade 1 Titanium, the item must not exceed the following levels of trace elements:
Iron: 0.20% max
Oxygen: 0.18% max
Carbon: 0.08% max
Nitrogen: 0.03% max
Hydrogen: 0.015% max
Residuals each 0.10% max, total 0.40% max
Based on our lab results, our earrings contain less than .10% of each residual element, with a total of 0.046% residual elements which is well below the requirements for CP Grade 1 Titanium.
What do the results mean for me?
You can rest assured that our earrings are ACTUALLY made with pure titanium. Titanium is the least allergenic metal; less than 0.6% of people are allergic to titanium (compared to more than 20% for other metals). As long as you do not have a titanium allergy, you will be able to wear our earrings.
I've tried other titanium earrings that didn't work for me.
There are two reasons why other titanium earrings may have caused a reaction:
  1. They were not made with pure titanium. Other brands may say that their earrings are titanium, but that could mean they are made with titanium AND a mix of many other metals. The other metals could be the culprit for your reactions.
  2. You are allergic to titanium. Again, this is VERY rare, less than 0.6% of people are allergic to titanium.