3 Stud and Hoop Earring Sets You Need ASAP

3 Stud and Hoop Earring Sets You Need ASAP

By Britanny Murray

If you’ve been taking a much needed social media break and haven’t heard about the new tool that is arguably the hottest trending topic all over the internet, allow us to make a brief introduction. Our ear piercing curator allows you to virtually create and design different earring combinations right from your phone. Gone are the days of you having to imagine what a piercing or possible stack would look like on your ear and instead of being sucked into the depths of Tik Tok, try creating your own unique curated ear!  

There are so many different ways to curate your ear and the options are truly limitless. You can go for a simple studs stack, a multiple hoops stack, a mixed metal stack, etc. When curating your ear stack, it’s all about what you like, what matches your style, and represents your personality. There are no rules to this stacking game just as long as you're always remembering to stack earresponsibly. 

One of our all time favorite ways to stack is by combining hoops and studs. It’s a perfect way to balance your earrings and adds a nice level of symmetry to the ear. Not to mention, the stud and hoop earrings combo is perfect if you can’t decide on just one earring style to wear.  

If you have multiple ear piercings, you have the option to play with the placement of each earring. Maybe you want 3 hoops in each ear with studs sitting perfectly in the cartilage piercings, or maybe simple titanium studs in the first and second lobe piercings and finish the look with a gold or silver hypoallergenic hoop in the third lobe piercing.

Keep scrolling to shop the look for some of our favorite hoop and stud earring combos or have fun stacking earresponsibly and create your own stud and hoop earring set using our virtual ear curator

Friday Night Bar Ho(o)p 

This simple stack features a trio of our titanium bar hoop earrings. The bar chain huggie hoop, gives the illusion that you're wearing both a stud and a hoop earring. Paired with our hypoallergenic pave bar studs and sleek endless titanium cartilage huggie, this is a trendy stack that's perfect for a night of a bar ho(o)pping. 

Shop the Look: 

First Lobe Piercing: Roadtrip Hoops 

Second Lobe Piercing: Isla Pave Stud

Helix: Single Mini Rooftop Huggie 

Tragus: Isla Pave Stud

Mixed Metal Modernist 

Sometimes you can't decide on what earring style to wear and other days it's a difficult toss up between picking metals. If you happen to frequently find yourself in this dilemma, this mixed metal earring set is dying to become your new bff. 

Shop the Look: 

First Lobe Piercing: Small Rooftop Huggie Gold 

Second Lobe Piercing: Small Rooftop Huggie Silver 

Third Lobe Piercing: Mini Celeste Gold 

Helix: Mini Layla Stud , Ocean Ave Huggie 

Sleek Silver Siren 

We're living for this sleek and textured silver stack. With our hypoallergenic bar cuff stud perfectly nestled in the third lobe piercing, it creates a cool symmetrical  look on the earlobe. Our bezel set chain huggie hoop lays nicely in the mid cartilage helix piercing, adding another layer of simple texture to the stack.


Shop the Look: 

First Lobe Piercing: Main Sail Huggie 

Third Lobe Piercing: Suri Stud 

Fourth Lobe Piercing: Mini Layla Stud 

Forward Helix: Mini Celeste Stud 

Helix Piercing: Offshore Huggie 


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