Wedding Trends 2022

5 Wedding Trends That Are Taking Over The Bridal Space in 2022

By Jill Burke

Grab your rice and cue the bells because weddings are back in full force! Actually, hold that thought. Betrothal season is booming, but like most things in 2022, weddings look a bit different than before. And from where we sit, 2022 wedding trends are reminding us that change is good.

That said, there is a lot of change happening with weddings this year. That’s why we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about bridal for 2022; from wedding dress trends to bridal shower trends, and of course, the best hypoallergenic bridal jewelry. Whether you’re tying the knot or just daydreaming, these top bridal trends are totally swoonworthy. Let’s get to it!

In this article:

  1. 2022 Wedding Dress Trends

  2. Trending Bridal Hair & Makeup

  3. Hottest Bridal Jewelry & Accessories

  4. Fresh Wedding Inspo

  5. Bridal Shower/Bridesmaid Trends

1.Wedding Dress Trends 2022

    After two years of loungewear sets feeling like getting “dressed up,” it’s no surprise that the wedding dresses of 2022 seem to be making up for lost time. The trends for this year are big, bold, and fabulous, but you can see for yourself.

    Ruffled Wedding Dresses

    These gorgeous gowns courtesy of Daria Karlozi are as lush and magical as any fairytale princess could dream of. And frankly, after the last couple years, we all deserve to feel like a princess.

    Minimal Wedding Dresses

    Source: Minimal & Classy, Martha Stewart
    Let's get one thing straight: minimalism does not mean boring. A minimalist wedding dress is a total statement, paving the way for striking lines and stunning silhouettes. These dresses absolutely make an impact, and it's clear why they are a top trend for brides in 2022.

    Bold Sleeves

    Source: Wedding Wire, Alta Moda Bride
    Special shoutout to Princess Diana for the most iconic bridal sleeves of recent history. Just as shoulder pads saw a return in the past few years, so have wedding dresses followed suit. These bold sleeves add a unique drama to bridal gowns in 2022.

    2. Bridal Hair & Makeup Trends

    What a year for hair and makeup. We've got both ends of the spectrum highlighted here, from leaning natural to full drama. Read on for the latest in trending bridal makeup.

    Dewy Fresh Skin

    Source: Wedding Wire, Refinery 29
    This natural look emphasizes a youthful glow, but can be difficult to achieve depending on the climate you're getting married in (read: humidity is not your friend). But if your conditions allow, the effect is undeniably beautiful.

    Pink-Toned Bridal Makeup

    Source: Wedding Forward
    This is a bridal makeup trend that feels truly modern. There is a shade of pink to flatter every skin tone under the sun, and it is so darn romantic.

    Loose, Wavy Wedding Hair

    Source: Wedding Forward
    This trend will top off any wedding with a whimsical, airy energy that is just breathtaking. One of the more fairytale-esque bridal hair trends we've found!

    Long Braids

    Source: The Right Hairstyles, Wedding Forward
    From French to fishtail, braids have long had a place in bridal hairstyles. Wedding braids are trending up in 2022, and are a great option for an updo that showcases long locks.

    3. Bridal Jewelry & Accessories

    Florals, bold gems, and tiny jewelry are shining in the spotlight of bridal jewelry trends this wedding season. We've chosen a few of our favorite trending bridal jewelry designs and bridal accessories.

    Colorful Gemstones

    Source: Tini Lux
    Since whites and creams are the most popular colors for wedding gowns, adding a colorful gemstone to your ears is a trendy way to accent a bridal look. This is also an easy way to add your something blue!

    Tiny Jewelry

    Source: Tini Lux, Tini Lux
    Trending alongside colorful gems, tiny jewelry is having a moment for weddings in 2022. Tiny jewelry provides a lovely sparkle to a bridal look without being distracting from the real star of the show! Check out all of Tini Lux for more bridal jewelry ideas and hypoallergenic bridal jewelry.

    Flower Headbands

    Source: Brides
    This trend expands on the look of adding real flowers to your hairdo and invites enduring fashion items into the mix.

    Floral Embroidered Veils

    Source: Brides
    Flowers, flowers everywhere! In addition to floral inspired headwear, another bridal trend for 2022 includes floral embroidered veils. We love these natural elements incorporated into a classic bridal style.

    4. Fresh Wedding Inspiration

    An overwhelming trend with weddings this year is their overall unconventionally. And the break from tradition is resulting in some beautiful things. Here are some of our favorite wedding planning ideas and wedding planning inspiration.

    Micro Weddings

    Source: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, Martha Stewart
    This wedding trend was borne from necessity during the pandemic, but even as we see the light at the end of the tunnel, many couples are finding that tiny "micro weddings" are actually quite intimate and lovely. A tiny wedding ensures couples get quality time with all their guests, and will likely reduce the stress of the big day. Just searching for micro weddings with lead you to some fabulous trendy wedding inspo.

    Macro Parties

    Source: Karina & Maks, We Are the Portos
    Funny enough, the growing trend of tiny weddings is happening in unison with an explosion of BIG receptions. The mentality for these couples is that they have waited to celebrate and share their love with absolutely everyone, and now that social distancing restrictions have been lifted in 2022, they're taking full advantage of it. I say, party on!


    Source: AR Clark Photography
    Elopements soared during the pandemic, and many couples who had not seen this as a viable option before realized that this was what they truly wanted for their wedding. To me there is something undeniably romantic about elopement, and there's no saying you can't still have a party afterward to celebrate. It also provides you an opportunity to get all your Pinterest wedding inspo photoshoot ideas out without worrying about guests waiting on you!

    5. Bridal Party Trends

    While some brides are choosing to opt out of bridal parties altogether, it's likely that most people have at least a few special friends they want to take an important role in their wedding day. Here are some of this years trends for parties, gifts, and outfits.

    Floral or Black Bridesmaid Dresses

    Source: Brides
    Florals again! The trend of adding a print into a bridal party is growing in 2022, especially for spring and summer weddings. On the flip side, all black bridesmaid dresses are also trending. We love black and white together, so a monochrome bridal party makes a lot of sense.

    Trendy Bridal Showers

    Source: The Knot, CN Traveler
    Tea parties and brewery tours are two fun bridal shower trends topping the charts this year. These laid-back kind of activities are a low stress way to get your crew together and provide an activity that everyone can enjoy.

    Bridesmaid Gift Trends

    Source: The Knot
    Gifting bridesmaids is notoriously tough, but custom hair clips and beaded friendship bracelets are some of our favorite trendy bridesmaid gifts of 2022. Both add a personal touch, and could even constitute a DIY activity for bridal parties to have fun with together.
    Now that you know what bridal trends to expect in 2022, you're well equipped to celebrate in the height of style. One things for sure, the new biggest year for weddings is a resounding 2022.


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