Recreating your Favorite Celebrity Ear Stacks

Recreating your Favorite Celebrity Ear Stacks

By Britanny Murray

Over the years, the popularity in having multiple ear piercings has grown tremendously and rightfully so. Multiple ear piercings allow for unique ways to express yourself, an easy and less drastic way to change up your style, and overall just a fun and exciting new way to wear jewelry. Being able to curate your ear adds a new dimension to completing your look.

The options are endless when it comes to ear curation and designing an ear stack is all about what you like, which is why ear stacks serve as a great way to express yourself through jewelry. Whether you choose to go for a classic simple studs route or a more daring triple hoop look, there is no wrong or right way to stack.

If you're looking for inspiration to create your own stack or just play around with different piercing ideas, head over to our Ear Stacker. The Ear Stacker is a virtual tool that allows you to visualize different earring combinations and curate your own unique ear using your favorite titanium hypoallergenic earrings of course.

Today we're rounding up some of our favorite celebrities who have excelled in the art of curating their ears and we're providing you with the Tini Lux options so you can get the stacked ear look for less. Always remember to Stack Earresponsibly! 

(Ear) Cuffing Season

We're loving this cuffed stack worn by Rihanna. Get the look by wearing our Large Celeste Stud in the first lobe piercing, followed by the Suri Ear Cuff in the second or third upper lobe. Complete the look by wearing our Mini Rooftop Huggie in the tragus piercing. 



 Triple Hoop Threat

Obsessing over this simple and dainty triple hoop stack worn by Avengers star Scarlett Johansson. Recreate this look by wearing our Large Celeste stud in the first lobe piercing. The Mini Rooftop Huggie sits perfectly in the tragus piercing while the Small Rooftop is the perfect size for both the upper and forward helix piercings. 



Star Studded  

Nicole Richie might be the queen of multiple ear piercings and we're loving this gleaming diamond studs stack. To get this look you should wear the bolder 10 MM Large Celeste Studs in the first lobe piercing followed by the 6 MM Celeste Studs crawling up the rest of the ear. Finish the look by placing the hypoallergenic Ocean Ave Huggie in the cartilage piercing. 


Simple Studs 

Actress, Chloe Grace Moretz is rocking a dainty studs stack paired with a singular hoop. Start off with the delicate titanium Club Ace Stud in the tragus piercing. Wear the Mini Celeste Stud in the third upper lobe and auricle piercings. Add a little texture to the stack by placing the Mini Main Sail Huggie in the helix piercing or keep it simple and finish the look off with the sleek Small Rooftop Huggie.



Sophisticated Edge

Singer and Songwriter, Dua Lipa giving us edginess yet simplicity with this curated stack. Match the edge by wearing our Roadtrip Hoops in the first lobe piercing, the thin chain provides an additional touch of chicness to the classic bar stud. In the second lobe piercing wear the electric Lea Pave Stud followed by the glistening Ocean Ave Huggie in the helix. The Pave Castor Studs sits perfectly in the flat piercing. 



Don't forget to head over to our Ear Stacker where you can customize and create your own unique stack. Share your photos of how you're Stacking Earresponsibly! 


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