Everything Ear Care: Solutions and Signs of an Earring Allergy

Everything Ear Care: Solutions and Signs of an Earring Allergy

By Jill Burke
It may have never crossed your mind that you could be allergic to something in your earrings, but if you experience pain, itching, or redness within hours or even minutes of wearing a pair of earrings, you may have an earring allergy on your hands.
Today we're going to discuss the tell tale signs of an earring allergy as well as the solutions to an earring allergy. That's right-- there are solutions! (Spoiler alert, they're not "earring hacks"). Don't think that just because you have a metal allergy/nickel allergy that you can't wear earrings. In fact, that's the very problem Tini Lux was founded to solve. We'll also recommend some of the best earrings for metal allergy avoidance.
The most common earring allergies are caused by nickel and are actually an allergic reaction to that metal. While other metals may cause an allergic reaction, nickel allergies are the most common. 

Signs of an Earring Allergy

1. Itching at area of contact
2. Redness
3. Dry skin patches
4. Swelling
5. Blisters that can crack and leave crusts and scales.
If you have any of these earring allergy symptoms appearing on your earlobes either while wearing earrings or within 12 to 48 hours after wearing earrings, you likely need a solution.

Earring Allergy Solutions

First, take out the irritating nickel allergy earrings and get rid of them! Second, start your quest for allergy free earrings. If you're reading this blog post, you're already in the right place.
In all seriousness, there is no quick earring allergies remedy that will save your favorite earrings made of offending metals. When you experience a metal allergy, you should remove the earrings and wash the affected skin with soap and water. Your earring allergies treatment should be to take care of your skin, not sacrifice your skin for allergenic earrings. Continuing to wear the metal allergy earrings will further hurt your skin.
Allergy free earrings are earrings that use metals which are considered hypoallergenic, meaning they do not cause an allergic reaction with the human body. Hypoallergenic earrings are often make with titanium or niobium, metals commonly used in medical or dental implants. Hypoallergenic earrings will be your new best friend if you're looking for a true earring allergy fix. You do not, I repeat, DO NOT have to give up wearing earrings! Just make sure that they are biocompatible-- hypoallergenic, allergy free earrings that are kind to your skin.

Best Earrings for Earring Allergies

The best earrings for metal allergies, the best earrings for nickel allergies, the best earrings for ANY earring-related allergies, are HYPOALLERGENIC!
Hypoallergenic earrings will save you the pain and irritation of allergenic earrings. Here are some classic styles of hypoallergenic earrings to get you back on the comfortable earring wagon.
12 MM Thick Huggie Hoops
Lightning Bolt Studs
3mm Crystal Studs
18mm Huggie Hoops
Note: These earrings are also available in rose gold and silver!
Let's review: earring allergies will make your ears red, itchy, swollen, and possibly even blistered. If you experience an earring allergy, please remove the earrings and treat your skin with gentle cleanser and moisturizer. To avoid earring allergies altogether, choose hypoallergenic jewelry options, and keep an eye out for the Tini Lux Summer 2021 collection of stylish new hypoallergenic earrings!


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