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Fall 2020 Design Contest

By Jacqueline Burke

The Fall 2020 Design Contest

If you follow us on Instagram then you've seen our design contest unfold over the last couple of weeks.
We solicited feedback from all of our Instagram followers a few weeks ago to find out what you want to see in our Fall 2020 collection. Rather than blindly add products to our virtual shelves, we want to add pieces that each of you really want or pieces you feel are missing from your accessories closet.
To take it a step further, we held a design contest and asked for submissions of original earring designs. The winning design will be produced and released with our Fall 2020 collection. The winner will also receive a pair of their winning earring design along with a $150 gift card to Tini Lux!
The goal of the contest was to provide some fun for all of you, and help us to know what styles you want to see!  The design contest has been so much fun, we hope that you all enjoyed it as well. If you missed out on the fun, make sure you follow us on Instagram (here), we have more fun planned for May including a giveaway with some sustainable, female owned brands.
From all the designs that were submitted, we settled on the following four to enter the semi-finals:
The results were insanely close between the first two designs. There were less than 10 votes separating the winning and losing designs! After 24 hours of voting in Instagram stories the following two designs were selected for the finals:
After another 24 hours of voting, the final winner of the design contest is:
The design contest was honestly a wild ride! The votes were within 5% of each other for basically the entire time and within the last few minutes of the contest the votes swung in favor of the winning design. 
We can't wait to see this design come to life over the next few months.  It will be available for sale on our website this fall along with our Fall 2020 collection! Thank you again to everyone who participated and voted. This design contest was so much fun that we may make it a yearly event!


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