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Five Celebrity Earring Ideas | Get the Look

By Kate Brown

Not sure about you, but my wallet is always drained after award season!

Why you may ask? Because I just want to look as fabulous in Dior as Jennifer Aniston.


But while we all can't live like the rich and famous, who says we can't dress like them for one-sixteenth of the price? While we can't help you find the best Versace look-a-likes, we can help when it comes to jewelry!

Look One | Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett J.

Excuse us while we DROOL over this earscape. We don't offer cartilage pieces (yet!) but we love the studs on this beauty. What's great is that this is an easily achievable look even if you're not one of People Magazines sexiest people alive. Our 3mm Gemstone studs are an easy accessory to any outfit. 

Look Two | Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle 10mm

Looking for something a little more....royal perhaps? Meghan Markle, as with most British royalty, was a style icon during her time at Buckingham Palace. We love these timeless 10mm studs on her and we've got some that will make it hard to tell the difference! We promise you'll love our Hypoallergenic 10mm Gemstone Studs. Perfect for a royal tea or cosmos with your girls.

Look Three | Blake Lively

Blake Lively

Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here to tell you that SVW looks fab at her latest red carpet event. But I'll also let you in on a little secret! You can get Serena's earrings at a price point that won't max out your credit card. 

That's right! Regardless if you're Gossip Girl fans (like us) or not, there's no denying that Blake Lively is a fabulous as they come. Are you LOVING this earscape inspo? You can get our 12mm Gold Huggie Hoops and pair them with our Gold Chain Hoops for a look as flawless as Blake Lively herself.


Look Four | Sienna Miller 

Sienna Miller Gold Hoops

Envious of those adorable thick gold hoops? We've got you covered! Not only will our 30mm Thick Hoops in Gold look just as fab on you as they are on Sienna, but our hypoallergenic titanium metals will make sure your ears aren't irritated or weighing you down by the end of the night. 

Look Five | Camilla Belle

Camille Bell Dainty hoops
Looking for something a little softer? These dainty silver hoops on Camille Belle are to die for. However, WE do not make as much money as Camille Belle, so need something a little more wallet friendly. We love our Hypoallergenic 45mm Skinny Silver Hoops on everyone. They can be dressed up for your next red carpet event, or down for a casual date night!

Xoxo, Tini Lux


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