Five Influencer-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Five Influencer-Inspired Halloween Costumes

By Jonaira South

Halloween 2023 is coming up soon and whether you’ve got your costume planned already or need a costume, you’ll need to accessorize it! Our favorite celebrities and influencers pull out all of the stops for their costumes from photoshoots to themed parties and you can do the same. It’s the spookiest time of year but your costume doesn’t have to be scary. This is the only time you can wear whatever you want without anyone judging you so take advantage of it! There’s one rule on Halloween: stand out. If you’re looking for a costume that is underrated but still recognizable, here are 5 easy last-minute Halloween costumes paired with the perfect accessories for it:

Madison Beer’s D.C. Riddler Halloween costume is simple and easy to piece together. Find a sheer green two-piece set with question marks or add the punctuation on yourself. Next, add a black hat or black mask to cover your eyes. To keep up with the mysterious supervillain costume theme you’ll need accessories to match. Our Offshore Huggie Hoop Earrings, Single Perri Earring, or Tara Studs pair perfectly with this Halloween costume. Add on the Small Jasmine Necklace to amp it up a bit. This costume looks best with silver jewelry as it bounces off the green more and catches your eye.



The Ryan Destiny ex-assassin ensemble costume is the perfect edgy and revenge-producing costume for Halloween 2023. If you want to copy this look to a tee, you’ll have to find a recreation of the exact outfit Uma Thurman wore. Add yellow and black sneakers like Ryan and Uma or black boots for a cuter look. Finish the edgy look off with our Sophia, Matteo, or Billie necklace and Twilight Stud to rope in the black details.




If you’re looking to go the classic and traditional route or looking to re-visit your childhood, Sofia Richie’s Sleeping Beauty costume is the way to go. This look requires soft glam makeup, a crown, a grown-up Aurora outfit, and a pair of heels. You can copy Sofia Richie’s old money aesthetic outfit or create your own with a pink sweetheart neck-lined or corseted dress. Embodying the role of a princess, the accessories accompanying your crown have to be dainty. You’ll achieve the royal look with our Large Charlotte Pearl Stud Earrings, and Aspen Dome, Eloise Thin Stacker, or Bria Ring. For an elevated look, you can stack the Pia or Lilou Necklace with the Anika Pendant together or just wear one of the three.




Latto’s Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is the perfect Halloween costume for someone who wants to step outside the box with their look using a blonde wig and makeup for a purple nose or face. A blue tracksuit with pants or shorts (depending on the weather) completes the look along with our Mini Celeste Earrings, Mini Isla Studs, and Jasmine or Tennis Bracelet to keep the child-like innocence of the character.




Kendall Jenner’s Toy Story Halloween costume is exactly what grown-up Jesse from Toy Story would look like. Her recreation of the costume takes the classic character and turns her into a stylish horsegirl. Bring out your red cowgirl hat, cow-printed chaps, jean shorts or pants, classic yellow and white Jesse top, and cowgirl boots. Halloween accessories must include a lasso, belt, and our Silas Bracelet, Sophia Necklace, Mini City Hoops, and Indio Hand Chain. If you don’t want to carry around a lasso the hand chain can mimic the rope being wrapped around your hand.




With this range of last-minute celebrity Halloween costumes, you can revisit your childhood or become your favorite movie character for a night. Halloween costumes can be completely tailored to your preference but accessories are non-negotiable so make sure you plan ahead so you can perfectly execute a cute Halloween costume look.


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