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Five Reasons to Wear Titanium Earrings

By Jacqueline Burke

If you're not wearing titanium earrings yet - we're here to convince you why you should try them.  Our customers have called our titanium earrings "life changing," "amazing," and the "most comfortable" earrings they have ever worn.  If you have a million questions running through your head about whether titanium earrings are safe, hypoallergenic, stylish, (and the list goes on), here are the top 5 reasons why people choose titanium earrings.


three pairs of gold hypoallergenic hoop earrings laying on white table  white tini lux ring dish with 2 pairs of gold hypoallergenic hoop earrings and a thin titanium box chain necklace


1. You have sensitive ears or metal allergies.

This is definitely the most common reason why people seek out titanium earrings. Having 'sensitive ears' really means you have developed a metal allergy. Once you've developed a metal allergy, your body will react every time that a reactive metal is present. Fortunately, titanium doesn't react with the body, so if even you have sensitive ears or a metal allergy you can still wear titanium earrings comfortably thus making titanium the safest metal for sensitive or newly pierced ears. 


2. You like minimalist lightweight earrings.

Titanium has a very low density but it is also extremely strong.  Because it has such a high strength to density ratio, it is extremely lightweight. These properties make titanium a great choice if your earlobes cannot tolerate heavy earrings, or if you don't like the look of earlobes being weighed down by earrings. At Tini Lux all of our hoop earrings have a "barely there feeling", making them the perfect stylish titanium hoops for everyday wear.  

hypoallergenic bezel set crystal stud earrings with longer posts  thick gold hypoallergenic hoop earrings with medical grade titanium earring backs

3. You want earrings that won't tarnish

Unlike brass and other "base metal" jewelry, titanium earrings are corrosion resistant and therefore won't tarnish or turn green.  There is nothing more annoying about buying fashion jewelry than seeing it change color after one wear. Fortunately, this issue does not happen with titanium earrings. Tini Lux titanium studs can be worn daily as sleeper, starter and healing studs. All Tini Lux jewelry can be worn in water and won't leave you with a bothersome reaction.


4. You want to prevent metal allergies from developing

Metal allergies develop when your body is in contact with reactive metals over long periods of time (like when you are wearing earrings).  If you haven't noticed sensitivity to earrings yet, and want to prevent any sensitivity in the future, stick to earrings made with non-reactive metals like titanium. For first time piercers or newly pierced ears, it's a good idea to start your piercing journey off with titanium jewelry.


5. You want earrings that are high quality and also affordable.

Titanium is a metal that is very abundant in the earth's crust, so it is more affordable compared to gold and platinum. Given that it is affordable, does not tarnish, and is safe for the human body, it is an excellent material for stylish, minimal and timeless jewelry.

gold hypoallergenic braided titanium hoop earrings with clasp earring back gold hypoallergenic titanium bar studs with pave gemstones


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