Four Influencer-Inspired Thanksgiving Outfits

Four Influencer-Inspired Thanksgiving Outfits

By Jonaira South

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to showcase your fall outfits. Bring out your browns, nudes, and reds because you’re going to want to stick to warm/deep tones for the upcoming holiday. Don’t worry we’ll be giving you some outfit inspiration and the accessories you need to complete the look. So, if you’re looking for Thanksgiving looks, keep reading: 

There are so many looks to go for, for Thanksgiving— cozy/comfy, dressy, casual, etc. Whatever look you are going for TiniLux offers a variety of jewelry options that evoke all of the fall feels. From huggie hoops to tennis necklaces and earring cuffs, no matter your personal style preferences you will find something that fits you.



A classic Thanksgiving outfit includes neutral or cool tones, chunky sweaters, and your favorite pair of fall boots. With this look, you can complete it by pairing an oversized, sweater or sweater dress, Chelsea boots, and sheer tights if you’d like. Our Nina Stud or Leonie Hoop earrings would add a feminine and dainty touch to the outfit. If you want to create a stack of jewelry do it with necklaces or rings. For necklaces, we recommend our Pia, Terra, Dew, or Lilou necklaces. Try mixing and matching the pieces to fit your personality. For rings, stack our Aspen Dome, Bria, and Eloise Thin Stacker rings.




In contrast with the look above, go for an all-brown ensemble. Dearra Taylor puts together a brown mini dress, knee-high boots, and a latex trench coat. We think gold jewelry would look best against brown but if your heart desires silver, go for it! Luckily for you, our pieces come in both tones. This specific look gives off an edgy vibe so you’ll want to stack rings, necklaces, or earrings. Our Arya, Billie, and Matteo necklaces are the perfect necklace stack for this look. For rings, you can stack any or all of our pieces, it’s completely customizable. For earrings, there are so many options but we think our Rooftop Hoops, Al Fresco Hoops, or Weekender Hoops would fit perfectly.




If dresses aren’t what you want to go for, pick your favorite pair of pants. You can pair them with any top from sweaters, cardigans, tees, and more. Finish the look with a pair of pointed heels or booties and you have a simple but classy outfit. For accessories, check out our everyday essentials list. You can’t go wrong with any of these pieces to complete the look. 




Keeping with the pants theme, it’s time to bring out your denim. Denim can be dressed up or down depending on what your vibe is. If you want to be on the cozier side, add a heavy and oversized cardigan with a pair of boots like UGGS or sneakers. With this look, stick to neutral tones as it adds a low-effort but put-together effect. As always, you can wear any toned jewelry but here are the pieces we suggest: Paulina or Nina necklaces, Large Rooftop Hoops, Single Perri, or Bridget Hoop earrings, and any of our rings. 

You can wear almost any outfit to Thanksgiving dinner. Whatever you put together, make sure you accessorize it the way you’d like. In addition to accessorizing, wear something comfortable so you can stuff your face without any hesitation. 


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