Get To Know Siena Mirabella

Get To Know Siena Mirabella

By Britanny Murray

We recently got the amazing opportunity to connect with content creator and influencer Siena Mirabella. Siena started her career as a YouTuber at the age of 12 and since then her channel has grown and now currently has over 1 million followers.

We chatted with Siena about where she gains style inspiration from, how she's able to stay organized with such a busy schedule and so much more, keep scrolling to check out her full interview. 

How did you begin your journey as a content creator? What or who inspired you to start making youtube videos? 

I actually started almost 12 years ago when I was 12! It was during the age of beauty gurus on YouTube and baby me though it would be fun to share beauty tips like the other girls, only I had no tips since I was a preteen LOL, but it became a journey and a learning experience for me. I started out as your traditional beauty guru on YouTube during that time and transitioned to really finding my niche. I’ve never done anything other than social media and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else, it’s so flexible and creative.

How would you describe your aesthetic and where do you gain style inspiration? 

My aesthetic gravitates towards warm tones, neutrals and natural textures. I like to think of my style as classic but also somewhat beachy. I pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe in jeans as they’re so versatile, they can be styled up or down giving you so much range. 

What do you think is the best way to elevate your look? 

100% jewelry. If I’m feeling particularly unfinished or bored with my look, a good mixing of jewelry with some sunglasses are the way to go. Something about that combo just hits different and gives you baddie vibes. 




What fall fashion trends are you most looking forward to this upcoming season? 

I’m pretty embarrassed to say that I never know what trends are going on at the moment. I feel like recently they’ve been shifting so frequently! The main theme I love in the fall though is that it’s the time when neutrals shine. I love the textures in fall fashion as well. I think getting to bundle up a bit more just adds so much potential when styling outfits.




With running a youtube channel, podcast,  keeping up with instagram content, etc, how do you effectively manage your time while staying on track with your health and wellness? Do you have any tips or tricks you could share? 

Thank you for implying that I manage my time well lol! No but really, it’s all about staying organized. If I didn’t have a system in place for housing all my to dos and schedule I would be lost. I think the key to not getting overwhelmed and staying on track is have a planning/schedule system that works for you. I use Google Calendar for time blocking my schedule, so I won’t necessarily have tasks on there, only time chunks where I knock out creative work, admin work, etc. For planning content and all other planning, I use Notion. As for my daily task list, a good old fashion notebook works best for me!

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? 

My mother is basically my life coach and therapist with all of the amazing advice I get from her almost daily. She’s always been one to follow her intuition and go where life takes her, never staying stagnant. One thing I’ve taken from her is to always go where my intuition flows, if something or some place is calling to me, I need to nurture that. You never know what an amazing new phase in your life or something could be that is meant for you. Your inner voice always leads you to where you are meant to wander. 



What is your favorite part about being a content creator? And if you could change one thing, what would it be? 

I love the fact that it isn’t really one job! You wear multiple hats as a content creator and learn so many skills. The one thing I would change is the stigma around this career. I think because it looks so fun and carefree, people assume it’s not real. Any job that you dedicate time and effort to is just as important as any other. Speaking for myself and others I’ve observed put in so many hours, it’s not just a 9-5, you’re always “on.” I think the job is amazing and wouldn’t trade it for anything! :’)  


If you could only wear one piece of jewelry everyday, what would it be and why? 

Don’t do this to me! You have to layer everything!! But if you held a gun to my head, I suppose it would be statement earrings. It’s probably what you’d notice most on someone and can be so lovely in photos. But I stand by layering and mixing jewels, they all complement one another.


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