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How to Care for Your Earrings

By Jacqueline Burke



We get a lot of questions from customers about the best way to care for their new Tini Lux Earrings. We also get questions about how to care for pierced ears. So today I wanted to give everyone a summary of what we consider the best way to care for your earrings and ear piercings. These tips come from research and personal experience. We always suggest talking to your professional ear piercer or doctor about their recommendations for piercing care.

Earring Care

  • Your earrings can be cleaned with sea salt water solution or mild soap and water. Rubbing alcohol and harsh chemicals are not necessary.
  • When you clean your earrings, it is best to use a clean cotton swab or q-tip rather than soaking the earrings in a solution.
  • Use the cotton swab or q-tip to gently wipe off the earring and earring back.
  • The plated portions of the earrings can be wiped with a microfiber towel to restore shine and remove debris or fingerprints.
  • When they are not being worn, your earrings should be stored in a dry environment where they will not be scratched or bumped by other items. 

    Ear Piercing Care

    • Wash your piercing daily with a sea salt and water solution or mild soap and water. Rubbing alcohol will dry out the piercing and can cause it to take longer to heal.
    • You do not need to remove your earring while you clean it daily. Just make sure that you rinse out the area properly.
    • Only touch your earring and piercing with clean hands.
    • Use ice if there is any swelling.


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