hypoallergenic stud earrings, hoop earrings and titanium necklaces for men

Hypoallergenic Earrings and Jewelry for Him

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Hypoallergenic Earrings for Men

Unisex and androgynous styles have become more and more popular in fashion in recent years.  Normcore and athlesiure helped usher in the trends of wearing simple basics, which has only accelerated the shift towards more unisex styles.
Earrings, interestingly, are inherently unisex mainly because they are one size fits all. Stud earrings and hoop earrings in particular have always been popular for both men and women.
At Tini Lux, our hypoallergenic titanium earrings were designed with women in mind, however as we have grown we have realized that men are in need of non-allergenic earrings just as much as women are. 
Metal allergies and sensitive ears are not unique to women alone; men are just as likely to develop allergies to metal earrings.

More than 20% of people are allergic to nickel alone, and there are many other metals that can cause metal allergies. Metal allergies are contact allergies that develop when your body is in contact with a reactive material. Eventually your body will build an immuno-response to that reactive material and will react violently when it is present.  Men who wear earrings can easily develop a metal allergy or sensitive ears if they are wearing earrings made with reactive metals.

At Tini Lux, our earrings are not just hypoallergenic earrings, they are actually non-allergenic. The difference is that hypoallergenic earrings are "less likely" to cause an allergy. Non-allergenic earrings will not cause an allergy because they are made with metals that do not react with the human body. Tini Lux earrings are nickel free and made with pure titanium which is the best metal for sensitive ears. 

The trend of men wearing jewelry has widely grown over the past couple years. Especially with artists like A$AP Rocky and Justin Bieber constantly photographed wearing studs, hoops, necklaces, etc. Check out how your favorite male artists are styling their jewelry 

Below are some of the hypoallergenic nickel free earrings and non allergenic jewelry styles that have been most popular with our male customers. 

If you are considering getting your ears pierced for the first time, we offer a wide range of hypoallergenic titanium starter earrings that double as sleeper and healer studs. We have expanded our line of earrings, with more smaller titanium huggie hoop and stud styles that are very popular as hypoallergenic earrings for men.

Titanium Stud Earrings for Men

hypoallergenic onyx stud earrings for men made with pure titanium hypoallergenic gold stud earrings for men made with pure titanium

Hypoallergenic Hoop Earrings for Men 

silver and gold hypoallergenic huggie hoop earrings for men  hypoallergenic onyx and gold hoop earrings for men 

Stainless Steel Necklaces for Men

stainless steel figaro chain necklace for men hypoallergenic mariner box chain necklace for men

If you have any questions about our hypoallergenic jewelry for men, please reach out at info@tinilux.com.



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