Tini Lux Virtual Ear Planning Curator

Tini Lux Virtual Ear Planning Curator

By Britanny Murray

If you’ve never heard the term “curated ear piercing” before or simply have the question “what is a curated ear”, luckily we're he(a)re to let you in on the scoop. The curated ear trend has been gaining traction and much deserved attention over the last few years, and rightfully so. 

In simple terms a curated ear is having multiple piercings in different locations on one or both ears. Typically, the piercings are not supposed to align in both ears which makes curated ears so alluring to look at. A curated ear is more than just the placement of the piercings, it’s how you style and combine different types of earrings to create an ear stack that’s distinctive and showcases your unique style and personality. 


 There are so many different earring styles and options, so figuring out what to choose in a sea of earrings safe for sensitive skin can get a bit overwhelming. That’s why our team created the Virtual Ear Stacker. The Ear Stacker allows you to visualize, customize, and build out your own unique stack using your favorite hypoallergenic jewelry. Although we may be biased, the best virtual ear piercing visualizer didn’t exist...until now.  

If you’re new to the whole piercing world, The Ear Stacker tool allows you to envision how a piercing would look on your ear without any long term final commitments. It’s a great tool for those first time piercers, anyone looking to get additional piercings, or for someone just looking to have a little fun and create different ear stacks. After creating your ideal stack, you can easily add all products to your cart without the hassle of having to add them individually, it’s a new and improved visual way to shop for earrings. 


The great thing about curating an ear stack is that there are no right or wrong ways to curate. You can go for an all studs stack, a triple hoop stack, a combination stack, mix gold and silver metals, the possibilities are limitless. The Tini Lux Virtual Ear Stacker is great because it decreases the stress of knowing how a piercing or earrings would look on your ear before purchasing or heading to the piercing salon. You can customize the Ear Stacker to fit your skin tone, under tones, and you even have the option to choose between a detached or attached earlobe.

At Tini Lux, we’re always encouraging you to Stack Earresponsibly. Mix hoops with huggies, studs with cuffs, the options are endless. We curated a list of our favorite TL sets if you're in need of any ear ideas. 

Aside from your classic lobe piercings, there are almost a dozen different ways to pierce your cartilage. After playing around with the Ear Stacker and curating a unique ear for yourself, you might have decided that it’s finally time for you to take a trip to your local piercing salon, but before you go make sure to bring your timeless hypoallergenic jewelry. 


Since all of our earrings are made with pure titanium, you can actually use them when you get the initial piercing (which allows for even more customization options using the Ear Stacker). If you’re getting a lobe piercing for the first time, we recommend using one of the studs from our Starter Collection. The perfect hypoallergenic earrings for starter studs, healer studs, and sleeper studs. Not to mention all of our jewelry is water resistant, so gone are the days of having to take your jewelry off before getting in the shower. 

Our team is obsessed with using the Ear Stacker for inspo and new piercing fever has taken over the Tini Lux office, almost everyone on our team has gotten a new piercing within the past 3 months.For those interested in cartilage piercings we recommend getting pierced with one of our titanium infinity hoops. The Mini and Small Rooftop Hoops, sit perfectly in any cartilage piercing and the endless design make them comfortable for healing and daily wear.


Show us how you stack and style and feel free to share all the different hypoallergenic earring sets you create using the Virtual Ear Stacker, always remember to Stack Earresponsibly! Check out how our favorite celebs have mastered the art of stacking.


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