Last Minute Amazon Prime Halloween Costume Ideas

Last Minute Amazon Prime Halloween Costume Ideas

By Britanny Murray

With the way time is flying by, Halloween is essentially tomorrow. If you have YET to even think about what your costume for this year is, we’ve got you covered. If you’re the last minute type, we highly encourage you to keep reading because these Halloween costumes are 100% just for you.  

If on Oct 29th with no costume or jewelry in sight, you might start to have a little fright. No need to have a Halloween scare because our Amazon Prime Storefront is here. With our best selling titanium hoops now available with free 2 day shipping, no one will ever know (how will they know?) it took you 2 days or less to come up with a killer costume. Keep scrolling for easy costume ideas to rock with your nickel free jewelry. 

1.  Love Island - Queen of the Villa 

“The boy I’d like to couple up with is...” Dress up and channel your inner Queen of the Villa also known as Amber Rose Gill. Heads will certainly be turned when you arrive at Casa Amor with your stunning hypoallergenic hoop earrings. Don’t forget your mic pack belt because everyone will be sure to pull you for a chat tonight. 


Pink Bodycon Dress

Yellow Bodycon Dress 

Mic Pack 

Microphone Necklace 

Love Island Water Bottle 

Hypoallergenic Hoops 

2. Bratz Doll 

If you didn’t know, it’s official and Bratz are back. Whether you're Sasha, Jade, Cloe or Yasmin, any and every attitude is necessary when you’re a Bratz doll for the night. Watch a quick Bratz inspired makeup tutorial and don’t theorize, but accessorize with our large chunky gold hoop earrings. Available right away on Amazon Prime, these modern day hoops are the perfect pair to complete your main character costume. 


Bratz Crop Top 

Mini Skirt 

Cropped Jacket 

Shoulder Bag

Titanium Hoops


3. Kim Kardashian 

If you haven’t seen Kim K absolutely killing it in the all pink Balenciaga body suit, you must be living under a rock. A perfect and easy look to recreate for a show stopping and effortless Halloween costume. Purchase a full pink bodysuit, rock sleek and slick straight hair and finish this look with our gold or silver titanium square hoops and you’re good to go. 


Full Pink Bodysuit 

Fluffy Pink Shawl / Jacket 

City Hoops 


4. The Nanny 

Easily one of the most iconic fashion TV characters of the 90’s, Fran Drescher aka The Nanny. This sexy and straightforward costume is perfect for a last minute costume idea. With a simple black dress, red bag, and accessorizing with your favorite hypoallergenic hoop earrings, this is one of our favorite costume ideas that comes with minimal effort.


Black Mini Dress 

Red Heart Bag

Nickel Free Hoops 


5. 80's Aerobics Instructor 

What’s your sweatspiration? Channel your inner jazzercise queen and dress up as an 80’s Aerobics Instructor. This costume is fun, easy, and you can play around with bold colors. Grab your dumbbells, sweatbands, and your sweat proof titanium hoops and let’s get this workout in.


Let's Get Physical Costume 

Neon Sweatband Set

Large Friday Hoops 


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