jackie burke founder of tini lux ashlee beyar supply chain director

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By Jacqueline Burke

Even pre-Tini Lux I was a huge fan of the podcast How I Built This. If you’ve never listened, the host ends every episode with a question to the founder “how much of your success was talent/intelligence and how much was luck?” They are usually humble (or faux-humble) and insist that it was almost entirely luck. Everytime I roll my eyes because for the first few years as a founder there was not one thing I could point to that I could say “wow, I’m so lucky that happened.” Every achievement or milestone felt hard earned. I’m still very much waiting for Tini Lux to have our moment where a mega-celebrity just happens to be wearing us to the grocery store and now everyone knows we exist. If anyone knows Jessica Alba please send her a link 😂 

While I don’t have an amazing story about some stroke of luck, I do have a story about mindset and opportunity. About 6 months after I quit my job to run Tini Lux full time, I decided it was time to hire some more people. At the time it was just me and Jess (our customer service manager). I knew for sure I wanted at least one person to help with marketing and at least one person to help with supply chain. I have never hired a stranger before and didn’t even really know where to begin.

I stayed up late one Friday drafting a job description of everything I needed help with in supply chain. I saved it and figured I would hold onto it for a few more weeks while I figured out how to hire someone. 

The next day my husband and I spent the day visiting with my niece and nephews. My sister in law invited us out to dinner with them and another couple. We were in sweatpants but hungry so we agreed. Over dinner my sister in law’s friend mentioned that she just left her job with a very well known fashion brand and was looking for something new. Curious, I asked what she did there. She said she was a supply chain director and described the EXACT job details that I had written down the night before. I couldn’t believe it. Cut to a week later I sent her a job offer and she’s been with Tini Lux since! She’s now my right hand woman and one of my close friends. (If you want to thank someone for our best sellers being in stock way more often than they used to be, it’s Ashlee).

jackie burke founder of tini lux ashlee beyar supply chain director
I still don’t necessarily believe in luck, but I do believe in saying yes, even when you are underdressed, and being prepared for opportunities when they arise. I hope this inspires you to say yes & strike up a conversation with someone new. You never know what could happen!





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Kare 10/10/2023

Hi, Jackie,
I found your Tini Lux brand through Beauty YouTuber Allie Glines. My daughter and I have bought several items from you, and we keep coming back. We love the minimalist designs that don’t have to shout to make a statement. We both have sensitive skin. I also appreciate the affordability of the items that you offer. Thank you for all that you do!

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