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On Trend: Spring 2021 Picks

By Admin Tini Lux

We’ve been riding the cozy sweatpants bandwagon for long enough. As we move closer and closer to the warmer weather (finally), it’s time we start reminding ourselves what it’s like to dress up. In this post we discuss some of our favorite spring jewelry and fashion trends that we’re looking forward to seeing all SS 21.

Trend: Sheer 

The sheer trend was seen all over the SS 21 runaways so without doubt it will become a closet staple for the upcoming season. At first glance sheer can be daunting and difficult to fully embrace. Luckily, we’ve seen a number of different ways you can incorporate the sheer trend into your outfit. For a more day to day look shop for mesh pieces that have some sort of slip or underlining. Mesh is an ideal transitional piece due to the lightweight comfort of the fabric. Style your spring mesh outfit with a pair of our hypoallergenic 30 MM Thick Hoops. 

Source: Stylecaster 
                    Source: Stylecaster                    Source: Who What Wear

Trend: Chainmail

The chainmail is in, and no we’re not saying if you don’t read and share this post with 5 other people you’ll have bad luck for 10 years, but you might want to.. just in case. From dresses to miniskirts to hand bags to jewelry, chainmail has made its return to sender. Chainmail pieces are most often worn for special occasions, like a night out with friends or a birthday celebration (s/o Paris Hilton for the inspo). Since chainmail pieces are already the statement, you have one of two options: a) keep the jewelry fairly simple and clean so all eyes are on your stylish chainmail fit or b) the more statement accessories, the better. Luckily, we have jewelry options for whichever look you’re going for. Take a look at our ear sensitive Diamond Chain Statement Earrings, a perfect jewelry addition to your spring chainmail look. 

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Source: Who What Wear

Trend: Bubblegum pink

Say bye bye (for now) to your soft warm tones and hello to sweet and delicious bubblegum pink. Spotted all over the SS 21 runways, bubblegum pink has entered the chat. If bubblegum pink doesn’t scream “Spring is HERE” we’re not sure what color will. The trend is fun loving, stylish and effortlessly adds a subtle but obvious pop of color that everyone strives for. A color that can easily be dressed up or down, bubblegum pink is without a doubt a color you should look forward to adding into your spring wardrobe. For accessories, any gold or silver toned metals will help instantly elevate the look. Take a look at our everyday essentials to see if you can find a few pieces to style with your latest bubblegum pink attire. 

bubblegum pink who what wear 
Source: Who What Wear

Trend: Knit Dress

Comfort over everything. TBT to 7 months ago when comfy sweater dresses were the WFH go-to (aside from cozy sweats obviously), fast forward a few months and here we are today, with sweater dresses making the biggest comeback since the 2016 NBA Playoffs (Cavs vs. Warriors). Knit dresses provide us with the same coziness of a sweater dress but with a more lightweight look and feel, which makes them perfectly suited for the spring season. Knit dresses are stylish, versatile and more importantly comfortable. Depending on the occasion knit dresses can be paired with sneakers, heels and even boots. Try styling a knit dress with a pair of our classic titanium 25 MM Round Hoops

summer knit dress pure wow 

Source: PureWow


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