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Your Guide to Prepping for Life After Quarantine

By Jacqueline Burke

Prepping for Post Quarantine Life

Ready or not, here it comes. It being the country reopening up after this months long quarantine.  If you haven't exactly been preparing to go out in public, now is the time to start thinking about it.  To help you out, we've assembled a bunch of blog posts with everything you need to get back to your pre-quarantine glory.

Face Masks

Don't have a mask yet? It's time to get yourself one. Even as the country starts to ease restictions, it is likely that we will all be wearing masks in public for the forseeable future. Fortunately, high quality cotton face masks are readily available now! Etsy is a great resource for finding handmade masks. The Good House Keeping article linked here has a lot of good options as well.
Etsy Face Masks
Where to Buy Cloth Face Masks Online

DIY Hand Sanitizer

I ran out of hand sanitizer about two weeks into quarantine. Thankfully, it's actually very easy to make your own. All you need is Isopropyl Alcohol, aloe, and essential oils. Here are the details on how to make it:
How to Make Hand Sanitizer 

DIY Manicure & Pedicure

The key to a successful at home manicure and pedicure is patience. You should dedicate about an hour for a basic mani/pedi to make sure that you don't accidentally smudge it.  I find that pushing your cuticles back also makes a huge differences. For more tips, check out this link:
DIY Manicure and Pedicure Tips

At Home Facial

Get your skin looking on point with a DIY facial. Obviously it's not going to be the same as relaxing while someone else does the work, but you can still make it a relaxing experience at home. Here are some tips to acing the at home facial:
At Home Facial Like Your Esthetician Would Give

Eyebrow Maintenance

Doing your own eyebrows can be disastrous. Less is more when it comes to maintaining your eyebrows. If you've been letting them do their own thing the last few months and need to touch them up a little bit, here are some tips:

Shaping and Maintaining Your Eyebrows At Home



Dyeing your hair at home is a relatively easy task. Cutting your hair or highlighting your hair is another story. For tips on how to color and highlight your hair without totally botching it, check out these stories:
Hair Color Hacks
How to Highlight Hair at Home

Self Tanner

For those of us that weren't born with a natural tan glow, we can start to look a little sickly come spring time. This year is especially tough because there aren't as many opportunities to be outside to get some sunshine induced color.  Luckily, self tanner is available and easy to use. Check out these tips first:
10 Commandments of Self Tanner


Did you give up on your exercise routine when your gym closed in March? Can't blame you. If you're ready to get back into it, there are lots of great at home workout resources. I personally love Beach Body On Demand, but Nike Training Club is a great free workout app. Peloton has great workouts too, and you don't even need to own one of their bikes!
Nike Training Club
Beach Body On Demand


Teeth Whitening

From natural methods to white strips, there are many options for whitening your teeth at home. Check out this article from The Cut to find your perfect method:
How to Whiten Teeth

 Bonus: At Home Beauty Gadgets

Take your beauty routine to the next level with these Everygirl approved gadgets.
At Home Beauty Gadgets


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