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Shopping Sustainably

By Jacqueline Burke
Earth Day is on April 22.  The goal behind Earth Day is to build the world's largest environmental movement to drive transformative change for people and planet.  This year, the theme of Earth Day is climate action.
This Earth Day is unique because of the extremely unique situation that the world is in right now.  The global coronavirus pandemic has halted almost all travel, and drastically reduced day to day emissions from cars, boats, and other gas powered transportation.  The world has collectively taken a break from normal life, and it has given the environment a chance to thrive.
Despite the drastic drop in carbon emissions and pollution, shutting down like we have the last few weeks is not a permanent or feasible solution to climate change.  We as a global society have to make climate change a priority and work together to see lasting positive effects.  One major change that may result from this pandemic is the end of fast fashion as we know it. 
The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. Shockingly, the fashion industry actually emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined.  Fast fashion retailers pump out new styles every few week made with cheap, synthetic fabrics.  A lot this clothing ends up in the landfill. According to Business Insider, one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill every second.
Fast fashion relies on consumers wanting new styles constantly. Right now though, people are staying home and aren't concerned with finding the trendiest blouse at Zara.  Concurrently, consumers are becoming more and more aware of the impact of fast fashion and are looking more towards sustainable fashion brands.
At Tini Lux, we have chosen to use ethically sourced packaging made with recycled material that is 100% recyclable. We are not a fast-fashion retailer, our jewelry is meant to last for years. We do not want to contribute to the fashion cycle of purchasing and discarding styles every few months.
Now more than ever we should be taking the time to shop slowly, consider the social impact of our purchases, and vote with our wallets.  Without further ado, here is a collection of other affordable fashion brands that are producing their clothing sustainably:

1. Reformation

Reformation puts sustainability at the center of their mission. They create effortless silhouettes that look modern but not trendy.

2. Girlfriend Collective

Workout attire like leggings and long-line bras made with recycled plastic 

3. Patagonia

An outdoor clothing and gear company that has always cared more about the environment and its employees than profits.

4. Everlane

Affordable basics, from flats to boots to sweaters and jeans.  Pieces to anchor your wardrobe.

5. Rothy's

Perfect flats, sneakers, and other shoes made from recycled water bottles


B-Corp that sells bags, apparel, and other items, all made by women in Peru.  They believe in fair-pay to create economic opportunity for people, especially women.


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