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Styling the Euphoria Cast in Tini Lux Jewelry + Their Zodiac Signs

By Britanny Murray

Sundays aren’t so scary now with a new episode of Euphoria airing every week. If you have yet to catch up with the new season, don’t worry we’re not giving away any spoilers.

We’re matching up our favorite Euphoria High School students with their corresponding zodiac signs and which piece of Tini Lux jewelry they would be most likely to wear. Keep scrolling through to see what Euphoria character is your astrological twin. 

Rue Bennett 

Rue let us in on her birthday when the show first started letting us know she was born three days after 9/11 making her an earthy Virgo. In the show Rue portrays herself as a somewhat introverted character who doesn’t feel comfortable expressing herself unless she truly trusts you. Rue would wear our simplistic and minimal Mini Layla Studs to compliment her laid back, go with the flow nature. 



Jules Vaughn 

Electric, eccentric and freedom loving Jules without doubt represents the airy energy of a free-spirited Aquarius. Jules is confident and unapologetic in who she is and loves the feeling of being able to express herself and do what she wants. Jules would be caught wearing our studded titanium huggie hoops, the trendsetting Wander Hoops would help to express Jule’s craving for limitless freedom and never ending adventure. 



Maddy Perez 

Fiery, confident and extroverted Maddy Perez represents the passionate, honest and resilient qualities of an Aries. Unapologetic and unafraid to say how she feels, she truly embraces the aura and power of bad b****h energy. Maddy would pair some of her best fits with our Large Long Weekend Hoops, the thick lightweight hoops are bold and trendsetting just like the notorious Maddy Perez. 




Cassie Howard 

Although we’re unsure if Cassie is a Cancer or Pisces, she is without a doubt giving water sign vibes. Sweet, emotional and vulnerable, Cassie wears her pure heart on her sleeve and loves the feeling of love. Cassie has a very maternal and nurturing nature making us think she would relate more to the Moon ruled Cancer zodiac. With so much love to give, Cassie would wear our Opal Priya Studs. The hypoallergenic heart shaped earrings would help to represent Cassie’s sensitive and innocent personality. 



Kat Hernandez 

Kat embodies the traits of empowerment mixed with mystery and curiosity at the same time, emitting the frequency of Scorpio energy. With Kat’s edge filled personality and dominating yet sarcastic spirit, Kat would look best rocking our Single Suri Stud. The sleek ear cuff is made with pure medical grade titanium, representing Kat’s bold, unapologetic and bada** personality.



Chris McKay 

Former East Highland High football star, Chris Mckay is all about trying to balance his football career and relationship with Cassie making him a composed and fair Libra. McKay is stylish, sporty and would without a doubt wear our Mini Rooftop Huggie. The hypoallergenic endless hoop is a perfect and subtle earring to portray his stable energy. 



Lexi Howard 

Lexi is selfless, hardworking and without doubt the most logical one out of the Euphoria High School cast. Grounded and practical, Lexi is definitely a Capricorn and shares the same earthy modality as her former bestie Rue Bennet. We would pair Lexi with our hypoallergenic bar studs, the best selling Isla Studs are modern and sophisticated and perfectly represent Lexi’s “good girl” vibe. 





Arguably one of our favorite characters, Fezco is calm, grounded and absolutely loves a good bowl of cereal. Fez is undoubtedly loyal to his friends, trustworthy and one of the most dependable characters in the show, which definitely gives off Taurean energy. An everyday staple chain, Fez would pair his 90’s inspired fits with our Chriselle Necklace. The perfect box chain necklace to pair with his easy going demeanor. 




Nate Jacobs 

Bad boy Nate is probably the most prideful character in the Euphoria Cast. He will go to any lengths to protect his reputation and will not stop until he is successful in getting what he wants. Due to his extreme prideful nature, Nate will definitely fall under the Leo zodiac sign. When it comes to jewelry, Nate would solely wear his Leo zodiac sign stud earring, making sure everyone around him knows who he is and what his sign is. 



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