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Stylist and Intuitive Card Reader, Meet Samantha Costantino

By Britanny Murray

Meet Samantha Costantino. Stylist, writer, freelance jewelry editor and intuitive card reader, Samantha does it all.

Our team was fortunate enough to connect with Samantha, as she walks us through a day in the life of being a stylist, dives deeper into her passion for intuitive card reading, and introduces us to her once in a lifetime mentor.

If you're looking for the answers on how to accessorize, upcoming trends for the season or curious on how to curate the perfect ear stack, keep scrolling for the latest tips from stylist and fashion expert Samantha Costantino.  


Can you talk to us more about how you got into fashion and styling, and where you get your inspiration for styling from?

Fashion is truly ingrained in my earliest memories. I love the creative freedom and artform that fashion takes on. Getting dressed each morning is self expression in its most personal form in my eyes. My inspiration comes from so many places! Anytime I step out of my apartment there is so much to take in from the streets of NY alone. New Yorkers are pure individuals - it’s exhilarating. Ashley and Marykate Olsen, Julie Pelipas, and Princess Diana have been my style inspiration through the years as well. 

What draws you to certain pieces of jewelry and how would you describe your style when it comes to curating ear stacks or the art of layering?

Oh goodness, vintage pieces and heirloom inspired designs are hands down my vice. I’m especially drawn to statement pieces. Jewelry is wearable art and each piece holds a story to its wearer. It’s the most beautiful motif and it gets to adorn our very bodies. I just love jewelry.

Curating an ear stack is so fun! I approach an ear stack as a visual display and love playing with the juxtaposition of different size earrings. The combination of a dangling chain, alongside a hoop and a stud suddenly creates interest. I think the key is having a balance of statement earrings and subtle pieces - not 100% statement or 100% subtle.

Can you walk us through a day in the life of being a stylist? 

I’d love to. Along with being a Fashion & Lifestyle Writer, I’m an ecommerce stylist for a women’s luxury ecommerce website. I strive to approach each look with a fresh eye and envision a scene, even if it’s in my own mind, as to where the person wearing this look is going. When styling I’m researching new brands, gathering creative inspiration, and creating the groundwork for each look. On set I work alongside my team to really bring the vision to life. Perfecting each look with finishing touches, let our creative juices really flow and work together to create something we’re proud of. I’m grateful for all of the extremely talented people I get to work with each day.


We would love to know more about your intuitive card readings.

Can you talk to us more about what drew you to get deeper into readings and what that journey has been like for you?

 My practice of intuitive card readings came about pretty organically and it’s without a doubt one of the most rewarding things that I do. I’m very passionate about self-development and wellness practices. I’ve always been very intuitive, which contributed to diving deeper into spirituality as well. While listening to a tarot card YouTube channel during quarantine last year, I had the idea of providing others with positive affirmation card readings. I started on my Instagram and eventually added oracle cards into the mix as well. Now I’ve been providing readings at public and private events since this summer. Honestly it has been truly incredible to have the opportunity to share this practice with so many individuals. I’m insanely grateful. At my core, all I’ve ever wanted is to do for others is what the leaders I look up to have done for me. Even if just one person came to my readings but left feeling a positive shift in themselves from the experience, then I’m thrilled.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received or do you have any mentors that helped shape who you are today? 

My mentor, Kyrzayda Rodriguez, was a complete force. Kyrz passed from cancer 3 years ago, but I feel her presence everyday. She would be absolutely ecstatic about the direction my career has taken. She always pushed me to create my own content and to be in front of the camera more! 

Kyrz was a full time blogger and content creator. I cold messaged her to tell her I admired her content, never expecting her to respond let alone become my mentor. We then met for coffee and she taught me tips for the blog I had at the time. Our friendship took off from there. In one of our last message exchanges she said to me: “You have an eye for fashion. You just have to learn to believe in YOU. You’re amazing I told you since day one. And I told you not to quit and to keep going.” 

While I always believed in the philosophy “supporting others will never take away from your own success,” I lived the meaning of it through our friendship. I know that with bravery, a good heart, creativity, and persistence there is no ceiling. 



Do you have any jewelry or styling tips for someone just getting into fashion or looking to change up their style? 

Stay true to what makes you feel your best. There are tons of gorgeous designers I admire, but I don’t feel like ME in them, so they’re not my go-to choice. Embrace what makes you feel confident and really own it. Having said that, at the same time don’t be afraid to push the envelope and experiment if you feel like trying something different. Style is all about embracing your own sense of individuality. You never know what may become your next trademark style unless you try!

Along with that, take care of your pieces. Store your jewelry with care, hang up your clothes, invest in a good tailor, and read your dry cleaning instructions.

What do you forecast as the biggest trends for the upcoming winter season? 

I think there’s certainly going to be a return to getting dressed again. And by that I mean everything from getting dressed up to being more intentional in styling a laidback look. I think everyone is ready to fold their sweatpants in a drawer and break out their most fabulous pieces. I’d keep my eyes peeled for a pop of color in the form of bright outerwear, along with the perfect knee high boot.


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