How do I know what metal looks best on me

What Metal Looks Best With my Skin Tone?

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Have you been confused about whether you are a gold or a silver jewelry person?Does the whole "True Autumn" or "Muted Winter" skin tone business sound like Greek to you?  Well, have no fear; today we're breaking it down and keeping it simple. Read on for a guide (with examples!) of how to determine your undertones, and how to match your hypoallergenic jewelry accordingly! 

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1. Warm Skin Tones

Source: People

People Magazine pubished an article called, "What are my Skin's Undertones and How do I Find Them?" which offers some great insight. To find out if you have warm undertones, turn your wrist over and look at the veins at the base of your hand. It helps to get a white piece of paper or surface to compare to. If the veins in your wrist appear to be greenish, you probably have warm undertones!

As you might have guessed, people with warm skin tones look best in yellow gold or rose gold jewelry. Try Gold Huggies or a Gold Chain Necklace.

2. Cool Skin Tones

Source: People

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the cool skin-tones. To see if you have cool undertones, use the same wrist-vein check, but instead look for hints of blue or red in your skin. If these colors are present, you are probably "cool." 

Cool skin tones should gravitate toward silver jewelry, which will make you shine. Gold jewelry could clash with your natural coloring. Try Oval Huggie Hoops in Silver or a Silver Twisted Necklace.


3. Neutral Skin Tones

Source: People
If you cannot seem to decide if those veins in your wrist look more blue or more green, don't worry, you're not crazy. Plenty of people do not fall neatly into the category of "warm" or "cool." These people have "neutral" undertones.
For those who have neutral skin tones, your complexion is versatile. The rules for what colors look best on you are not as hard and fast as those with warm or cool tones. This means that you will have to see for yourself what jewelry looks best on you, and it may even be dependent on your outfit. That also means you can rock an array of gold, or silver jewelry all at once. Hooray for options!
hypoallergenic crystal bar stud earrings made with medical grade titanium  
This is a very simple way to determine your undertones and begin to understand what colors look best on you. For some people, their favorite colors look great on them, others are not so lucky! It's good to be aware of this, as it helps to shape your wardrobe and jewelry collection into a set that really works for you.
And as always, the metal that looks best on everyone is hypoallergenic. Check out our Virtual Ear Stacker and start building a look for your own unique coloring.


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