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What the Titanium?!

By Kate Brown

Do your earrings cause irritation?

Please excuse my shock.



New and existing piercings alike are subject to random irritation, swelling, itching, and general discomfort. Others struggle with their earrings feeling heavy, causing them to take their earrings off after only a few hours. So what's the solution?

 This is where titanium comes in. Unlike other metals, titanium is non-allergenic and non-reactive with the human body. It is actually considered biocompatible, meaning it can peacefully coexist with the human body (#BFFs).


Wait...you can be allergic to metal?


Metal allergies are contact allergies that develop over an extended period when your body is in regular contact with a reactive substance. Most metals are very reactive to the human body. Therefore, when you wear earrings made with reactive metals, your body starts to build up an immune response to those metals.  Eventually, once the immune response develops, your body will react to the offending substances within minutes of its presence. This response can occur from contact with even trace amounts of the reactive metals. 

Don't you hate it when you get a beautiful pair of earrings, and within 24 hours, your ears start to feel sore and swollen, sometimes to the point where you can't sleep on them? Not only is titanium hypoallergenic, but it is lighter and more durable than other metals typically used for jewelry pieces. This means your earrings are less likely to bend or loosen, nor will it cause your piercing holes to stretch. 
Haven't noticed your earrings bothering you? Even if you are wearing earrings made with reactive metals with no current symptoms, an allergy could be developing. The best way to avoid contact metal allergies from earrings is to wear titanium!


Maybe Sia and David Guetta were onto something?


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