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Where to Find Hoop Earrings for Sensitive Ears

By Kate Brown

Do you love hoop earrings, but your hoop earrings don't love you? 

It's possible you're having a reaction to the metal in your earrings, but it could also be that your hoops are too heavy for your ears. That's where we step in!


Hypoallergenic Hoops

We're your one stop shop for all Hypoallergenic Hoop Earrings. Big, small, huggies, silver, gold, we have them all! 


40mm Hypoallergenic Hoops

40mm Hypoallergenic Hoops

Some large hoops can look beautiful as a simple statement piece but also be killer on your lobes and feel like you've added five pounds to each ear. The AMAZING thing about Tini Lux's earrings is that we exclusively use titanium for all of our earrings. Not sure why that matters? Titanium is biocompatible with the human body, minimizing reactions to the metal. In addition, it is super lightweight, making these earrings light as a feather (I literally forget I have mine on sometimes). 


20mm Hypoallergenic Hex Hoops

20mm Hypoallergenic Hex Hoops

Looking to spice up your hoop collection? These 20mm Hex Hoops are a major crowd favorite and are one of our most popular pieces. Our Hex Hoops come in silver, gold, and the ever popular, rose gold - so why not get all three? 


30mm Hypoallergenic Thick Hoops

The number one question we get for these earrings is "Are they heavy?", and we're proud to say they are NOT! These adorable thick hoops are light as air due to them being made out of hypoallergenic titanium and coated in gold, silver, and rose gold.


20mm Hypoallergenic Chain Hoops

Looking for the perfect addition to your earscape? Do not pass up these Hypoallergenic Chain Hoops. They're dainty enough to be layered with other earrings, but stellar enough to stand alone. 


12mm Hypoallergenic Thick Huggie Hoops

Last but not least, you have to try our cute Hypoallergenic Thick Huggie Hoops. Perfect for layering and also perfect for a simple and understated look, these titanium huggies will last forever and will keep your ears happy. 


We hope you find some hoops you love! Didn't a color or style you liked here? Have no fear! Check out our full Hypoallergenic Hoops Collection here!




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