Why do my ears itch when I wear earrings?

Why do my ears itch when I wear earrings?

By Jill Burke
If you've ever put in a pair of earrings only to have your ears begin to itch and burn, you've probably wondered what is causing this. The answer is simple: your ears are itching because you are having an allergic reaction to your earrings.
Maybe you though allergies were reserved for something you eat or inhale, but your skin can also react to allergens, and that goes for the jewelry that you put in your ears as well. Common metals used in earrings such as nickel or brass can cause an allergic reaction when in contact with human skin. Even gold, which is commonly believed to be hypoallergenic, can contain trace amounts of nickel, which will irritate the skin if a metal allergy is present.
Metal allergies can begin to act up within minutes of putting earrings in your ears. Some people can go a few hours before having to take the earrings out, but some can barely stand the discomfort enough to bother putting earrings in at all. This can be discouraging for those of us who love to wear earrings, but fortunately hypoallergenic jewelry for sensitive ears exists!
Titanium and Niobium are both inert metals, which means they will not react to the human body. That means no itchiness, no pain, no green circles around your piercings. This is also why Titanium and Niobium are the metals used in piercing parlors as starter studs. They are the safest options to ensure a pain-free and speedy healing process.
If you have been looking for earrings that won't irritate your ears, you might like the Tini Lux selection of titanium earrings. Starter earrings and hoop earrings that won't bother your skin are a great place to start.



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