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Honest reviews from our amazing customers about their experiences with our titanium jewelry.
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Isla Pave Studs
Joan Suhre
Beautiful Earrings

The Isla pave studs were a huge hit with my daughter for her birthday. They were so beautiful and looked very elegant but also can be paired with a casual look. They are comfortable and didn’t irritate her ears. Purchasing them was easy and shipping was quick! Great product and such a great opportunity to support a small but amazing business!

Priya Studs
Abby Stoll
Nice quality

They are really good for my sensitive ears. No other brands have been good for my ears.

So cute!

I love these hoops and they don’t irritate my very sensitive ears at all. Only reason I am not giving 5 stars is because I have only had them a few weeks and the gold coating is already looking a little scratched up. Not sure how durable these will be.

Livie Studs
Lisa Stoll
Livie Studs

I have had two piercings in my ears for over 20 years. The second ones have always given me trouble. I have tried real gold, sterling silver with no relief. My ears would burn and hurt, even after the earrings were taken out. For several days after there would be a bump where the hole is. I was about to let them close up due to the pain and frustration. I found Tinilux on the internet and thought I don’t have anything else to lose. I have been wearing and sleeping in the Livie Studs for over a week and no more pain!! I am so impressed with them that I’m telling everyone. I will be purchasing more in the future!!

Silver Mini Trendsetter Hoops

I found the post a little short, which made the earrings difficult for me to get on and when I finally got them fastened, my earlobes were sore for about a week. But now that soreness is gone and I really love how they look and feel. I keep them on all the time. They're super cute.

Almost perfect

I do like the earrings very much. One reason for the 4 star vs a 5 star: I bought 2 pairs. 2 of the 4 earrings were great. On the other 2, the post did not line up with the hole, making it hard to close without some adjustment. I was hesitant to do that for fear I might break it, but customer service told me "adjust the post very slightly by pushing it upwards”, which I did apprehensively. I would think they would be tested before sending out, but no big deal. Other than that, I love them.

Castor Studs
Alison Scheid
Beautiful and Simple

This was the first pair of titanium earrings that I purchased and I just love these! They design is so cute and they are simple for everyday wear. My sensitive ears have never felt so great!

Samira Studs
Jo Azios
Happy customer

Ordered a pair of Samira studs and they are gorgeous. Son’s fiancé has sensitive ears and chose these as she has previously ordered from Tini Lux and been very pleased. I also ordered a single hoop (thinking it was a pair). I received store credit within 2 days and already reordered another pair of studs.

Main Sail Huggies
Alicia Tyler
Great earrings!

The perfect everyday earrings! Great for sensitive ears. I get compliments every time I wear them.

Trendsetter Hoops
Sydney Cogliano

I have had the same part of each of my ear lobs pierced I kid you not 6 times over my 18 years of life and each time the holes have been infected and closed but I could never figure out why. After getting them redone in June of 2022, the piercer told me I probably was allergic to whatever earrings I was wearing and set me up with titanium earring. Once I grew sick of the plain studs I was in I searched for other titanium earrings. I couldn’t find anything for days that seemed legit or cute except when I stumbled across Tini Lux. These whoops are the lightest best quality earrings I have ever seen and I’ve had absolutely no reaction to them and if anything I think they helped my ears heal better. I sleep in them, run in them, and simply don’t take them out. Will definitely be buying from them again.

Love them!

After doing a home-done piercing, I wanted to insure a good quality metal for my healing piercing. These are perfect!

Esme Studs
Wear Every Day

Yay! Finally an earring that doesn't hurt my ears, and so cute. Unique style that can be dressed up or down.

So happy!

I haven’t been able to wear earrings for years because I’m severely allergic to EVERYTHING (even gold earrings). I am so grateful I have found Tini Lux because I’ve been able to wear earrings again! I’ve worn every pair without incident. I have even slept in my earrings! I can’t say enough good things about Tini Lux! I’m so happy!

Best hoops for every occasion!

these hoops are a beautiful staple to have in my jewelry collection! absolutely obsessed

No itchy ears!

I love my new loops. It's the first time in a decade I can wear earrings without being concious of the irritation every moment.

Sloane Hoops
Christy Quealy
Minimalist plus style

These are amazing - I LOVE that they don't interact with my ear piercings and that they are so pretty! Great sized hoop that can be dressed up or down.

Pretty, wish they were a full hoop

These earrings are very pretty but a bit heavy on my ears. Also, the fact that they're not a true hoop can be pretty annoying because my face mask loops and hair regularly get caught inside the open hoop.

I bought two earrings for my gf and she loves them!

My gf can only wear titanium jewelry and I got a pair for her a year ago and then a piercing stud and she really loves them. She has not had any inconvenience with them and she has lots of skin issues. Love themmmm

Mini Isla Studs
Brianna Jensen
The Only Earings that don’t hurt!

I have tried so many earrings and I have never found a pair that don’t cause my ears to be burning with discomfort by the end of the day. I was skeptical but by the end of the first day wearing them I had zero reaction! Yay!

Alana Hoops
Lena Boscacci
opal/silver - the perfect earhoops.

Elegant, light weight and perfect for all occasions. Easy open and close. My fourth pair earrings from Tini LUX, but defiantly not the last .

Great quality!

I tend to lose earring backs so love having these spares on hand!

October Hoops
Mia Idrissi
Beautiful, delicate soft pink stones

I adore these earrings. Not only are they gentle on my very sensitive ears, but they are so lovely. I’m not born in October…I just loved the color of the stones. A romantic and very soft pink.

Comfortable and cute!

I’m not a kid but I have smaller ears so these studs are the right size. The earring back is a screw on so it’s very secure and I feel comfortable wearing it while being active and outdoors; I’d imagine it would work well for kids of all ages. The screw back is externally threaded so it’s not for new piercings. The titanium is bery comfortable and I haven’t had a reaction to any of tini lux’s earrings.

Mini City Hoops
Stacie O’Connell

Exactly what I have been looking for. These are perfect for everyday wear. Lightweight and comfortable. No skin irritation. I’ve gotten rashes on my neck from cheaper hoops before. Couldn’t be happier with these!

Single Coastal Hoop
julia barrett

Love these!! I bought them for my second or third lobe piercings and they are perfect! Love the seamless, comfortable, non-irritating fit. These are *the* small hoops I've been waiting for!! Can't wait to buy more for my mid and upper ear cartilage piercings! It takes some practice figuring out how to put them in but so so worth it! Highly recommend to anyone who wants high quality, cute, subtle bling :)