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These earrings are really great in that they don't irritate my ears, but the whole reason I bought them was to bring my piercings back to life, which means wearing them 24/7. I lasted about a week but my sleep was being impacted by being constantly stabbed in the head. These are not good for nighttime wearing, at all!! They shouldn't be sold as such! I would prefer a hoop style but I don't know if they make the correct gauge, super disappointed :(

Neva Studs
Liza Vaughn
So cute!

These look great on my daughter. She gets so many compliments!

Cape Hoops
Liza Vaughn
Beautiful Hoops

My daughter loves these. Her ears are super simple but using vaseline on the posts during insertion helps prevent any irritation. They look great with her skin tone.

Cute & Comfy!

I really like these earrings! Recently, my ears have been so sensitive, but I've been wearing these nonstop for 3 weeks and they don't irritate my ears at all. I even sleep in them! They've also held up really well in pool water.

Stylish Hoops

I am so happy to have found the stylish, nickel-free earrings from Tini Lux. It has been over 25 years since I have been able to wear earrings. The hoops are stylish and classic. I am giving four stars because of the weight of the earrings. I do have two suggestions. (1.) List the weight of the earrings. While the earrings do not irritate my hyper-sensitive earlobes, they are slightly heavy for my newly re-pierced ears. While it has been several months since my ears were pierced, I could only wear the hoops for a couple of hours. (2.) Provide clearer pictures of people wearing the earrings, so that buyers can better judge how the earrings will hang.

Brunch Hoops
Alexis Nelson
Love these

So pretty and stylish. They really help complete my outfits.

Cute, unique style

I have had these for several months and worn a number of times. I find them trickier to style, but they are quite unique and look really cute, especially with clothing in black, brown or shades of orange.

Large Rooftop Hoops
Olivia Cool
Always Amazing Customer Service

These were a replacement for the same pair I’ve had but the first pair had a clasp that wasn’t clicking in all of the way. These are by far the best huggies I’ve ever tried on and Tini Lux is THE BEST quality titanium jewelry I’ve ever come across and I’ve been looking for decades because of my metal allergies. Always a pleasure to shop with Tini Lux and cannot wait for the new drop tomorrow!

Margot Studs
Hannah Hutt
Love them!!!

I love love love the Margot studs! I love that they don’t make my ears hurt while still being really cute.

I had a few issues with ordering, and Tini Lux was so great to work with through the problems. Will definitely be buying more!!

Large Livie Studs
The first earrings that have actually worked for me!

I was skeptical when I ordered these because I’ve wasted a lot of money on earrings that claim to work for sensitive ears and then I can never wear them. I developed an earring allergy several years ago and have missed being able to wear earrings on a daily basis. Then comes Tini Lux earrings to save the day. I’ve had these for about a month and haven’t taken them out at all; shower, sleep, workout in them. I haven’t experienced any discomfort, itching, or bleeding like I usually have with earrings. I’m so excited to have finally found a brand that I can wear and can’t wait to order more. If you’re on the fence just order them, these are different than the rest.

Just ok…

Bought these earrings for my daughter. One of the earrings came with a back that wouldn’t stay on. Not sure if the post was bent but we had to go buy additional backs. That same earring also started giving my daughter some trouble and she ended up having to take it out after just too much irritation. Hopefully, once ear has healed up some she can try again and have better luck!

Brunch Hoops
Isabella Vizcaino

These earrings are THEE earrings! They are my favorite I wear them literally all the time I’ve even worn them in the shower and twice at the beach which was an accident and they haven’t turned !

Large Friday Hoops
Andrea Scichitano

got the octagon shape hoops in gold. I love them and get many compliments. You just have to be careful of the post it doesn’t always click. I contacted customer service and they got back to me within 24 hours and explained what to do.
Very happy.

Celeste Studs
Kaitlyn Murphy
5 stars

They look great! And I haven’t had any allergic reaction to them at all. I’ve been able to wear them 24/7 since I got them last month.


These are just stunning. I’m so glad to have pretty earring I can wear all day without itching or burning.

Small Friday Hoops
Susan Burleson
Small Friday Hoops

Friday hoops are very comfortable. Not heavy at all. Was a little worried at first about how they close but have had no problems.
No reaction to my sensitive
ears. Love Tiny Lux earings.

Roadtrip Hoops
Gilly Lyne
More designs

I love the earrings not itchy me but the designs aren’t great. I’ve probably bought the only three pairs that could compare to some cute designs out there such as By Baby and By Charlotte. Also Missoma. Yours are a bit dated.

Sadly didn’t work for my sensitive ears 😔

I had really high hopes for these to work for my sensitive ears, and they’re better than some, but my ears still get red and itchy midway through dinner and then are sore the next day 😔

Lea Studs
Cecelia Cameron
So Unique and Fashionable

I loved these earrings. They were so unique and fashionable but unfortunately they broke after my second wear. When taking them off, the backing took the whole needle off. I tried to fix it but only got a 3 wear out of it before it wouldn’t stick anymore

Astrid Studs
Joan Cusano
Finally, stylish simple studs.

Love love love my new Tridot studs. My ears feel great and they are very stylish. they go well with whatever I am wearing. I'm able to keep them in for days and feel no discomfort at all!


After finding tini lux I decided to give earrings one more try. I’m SO HAPPY I did! I used to get sores and irritation every time I tried to wear earrings in the past but with these, I completely forget I’m even wearing them.

Small Long Weekend Hoops
Alexa Del Cielo

Small Long Weekend Hoops

Isla Studs
Sally B
Not smooth

The earrings are ok. There’s a lot of friction putting the backs on which kind of defeats the purpose of manhandling your ears when they’re sensitive.

Large Livie Studs
Anna Lynch
Cute earrings

Love these! Ears have healed and I can finally wear earrings again. I’ve only had them for a month though and one of the backs already fell off and got lost. Wish it was more secure

Long Weekend Hoops
Alexandra Figliuolo

I love these earrings. They are the perfect size and dress up any outfit! I will definitely be buying more tini luxe jewelry in the future!