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Love these!

These are my new staples to wear, absolutely love them.

Nice earrings but too heavy :/

These are pretty earrings but I think a major let down, personally, is when expensive earrings are so heavy that they hurt your ears and start to stretch your piercings.

didn't have a reaction but the clasp keeps coming apart

Super sensitive ears and this didn't give me a reaction, but I find myself having to close the earring randomly after it opens while I'm going about my day. It's annoying.

Post is painful

I love all my other earrings from here but the post is different on these- sharper and not rounded and I find they really hurt. I wish the post was the normal kind because I love how they look.

Samira Studs
Amanda S
So far not bad

I have extremely sensitive ears and have tried literally every type of earring, even plastic ones bother me. So far Tini lux earrings have been good, my left ear is unaffected and my right ear gets slightly irritated but I am giving it a good go, a couple hours a day of wear time. So far these are the only earrings I’ve been able to wear in 20+ years!

Love this!

I love this tiny hoop for my tragus piercing! It's delicate but also a little flashy. Perfect combo.

Earring back too tiny, lost and no response to order new one

The day I received the earring and tried to put it on, I dropped the back down the sink. My fault for trying it over a sink - but the back is SO small it’s hard to hold it and twist it on. I immediately reached out to customer service to ask about buying a new one (the back only) with still no response. I’ve contacted them twice. So disappointing because for one earring it is not cheap. I can’t wear it with no back and I’m not ordering another one.

Morgan Stud Earrings
Cynthia Argyle

Beautiful! I love these!


I am super sensitive to all jewelry… immediately turning my skin green and most earrings cause my ears so much pain, I typically have to remove them within a couple hours.
I now have several pieces from Tini Lux (earrings, necklace, ring), and have had NO issues on my sensitive skin! I can even sleep and shower with the earrings on.
I have a pair of their Huggies that stay on my 3rd piercing and never get removed…. No issues. I just bought these to wear on my original and 1st piercing and they are stunning.
One strand did break off, but they have the best customer service and fixed the issue immediately.
I highly recommend… they have beautiful jewelry that works if you are super sensitive.

Mystery Box
Marlee B.
A fun mix!

I was finally able to secret a mystery box!!! I received one pair of hoops, one pair of studs, and one dangly pair. I’m in loveeee with the hoops and the other two are fun pieces to add to my Tini lux collection.

Mystery Box
Nicki B
Such a fun idea!

I just recently discovered Tini Lux and have become obsessed with their earrings. So when they offered the mystery box I thought that it was such a fun idea. I ordered the gold box. The only thing I regret was not ordering two!

Single Maris flat back

Bought this for my cartilage piercing- it's not my typical style but would look great on someone who likes to dress up! My husband had to put it in my ear due to the type of earring but it fit my cartilage fine and only took a minute to screw it on well. Personally I find the earring itself visually a bit large for a cartilage earring. Also, the gauge fit fine through my piercing hole, it is larger than typical but I'm not sure why some had issues with the gauge.

Mystery Box
Stephanie P
So disappointing

I have bought many, many pieces from Tini Lux - this is my first time ordering a mystery box. I got the original silver and was hyped because I have very few silver pieces. I have been excited for this since I submitted the order and WOW what I just received is such a massive let down…. disappointment is an understatement. I figured I would get maybe 1 piece that I liked - instead I got the tiniest earrings, barely visible, maybe for a small child no older than 5 - as if it was the Little Lux box or something. Not even a single decent sized, visible piece that people will be able to see, out of all 3 pieces? The biggest disappointment in the box are the so-called “hoops”. See for yourself. They are maybe half a fingernail in size? Come on…. I have thick ear lobes, so I am pretty sure that these baby earrings will not even fit into my adult ear. This was a total waste of money for me, quite frankly, and enough of a let down for me that I will not be ordering from Tini Lux anymore.

So much fun!

While I probably wouldn't have picked some of the earrings I got for myself - that's all part of the fun! I honestly like pretty much all of TiniLux's stuff so I wasn't at any risk of disappointment. The stuff I got was nicely varied and now I have a chance to try some stuff that I wouldn't necessarily gravitate towards. So grateful to have found this company - wasn't able to wear earrings for years before. I swear I'm not a bot LOL just a very happy customer!

Not quite a daily wear

I really wanted this to be my go to every day necklace, but unfortunately the opal is much more blue than white looking, and also is one sided so whenever it gets twisted around (which tends to happen with this style clasp) you can tell it's the wrong way. Good quality and feels nice on, just not the every day look I was hoping for.

Mini City Hoop Earrings
Lauren Davenport
Best earrings!!

I have sensitive ears and these do not irritate me at all!! And they are super cute and comfortable!!

Weekender hoops are amazing!

I have the large and the regular weekender hoops. The post is a little larger than other TiniLux styles but still doesn't hurt my sensitive ears, and the regular style is light enough that they're comfortable for wear all day. I also think the weekender both look particularly great styled with mixed metal as shown on the promo photos.

Great for adults too

I got these studs to wear as an adult because some of the other styles were sold out. I think the post size is great for adult ears, but will also sometimes use a rubber back for earrings which are also very secure and comfortable. The prong length has never been an issue for me since I think it's more protective of the pearl piece if it's bumped or jostled.

Great statement hoops

As the other reviews state, these earrings are heavier than some of the other hoops offered, and I think the post is a bit thicker. I hadn't worn earrings for about 10 years before finding TiniLux so I did find them a bit painful the first time I tried them on. After a few weeks of regularly wearing other earring styles and adjusting my ears again, I was able to comfortably wear this pair. They make a great statement piece for elevating any outfit and I ended up buying the mini ones as well.

My most worn hoops

This pair was one of my first TiniLux purchases, and by far the hoops I wear the most. They are perfect for stacking with a variety of other styles and could be worn in most (outer) ear piercings. I would recommend these to anyone if you're looking to build your collection!

The cutest studs!

I bought these immediately upon seeing them on IG. I love the hearts with the extra sparkle from the CZ. While the twist backs are more comfortable than butterfly backs, the fit on my lobe is a little too loose. I've started adding rubber backings to adjust the fit and now they're perfect!

Simple but on-trend

I love pearl jewelry and I'm so happy to find so much right now on TiniLux. They're perfectly lightweight for everyday wear and can be dressed up or down, depending on your needs. I like wearing them with Rooftop Hoops of any size, and think they're tasteful to wear in any lobe piercings.

Hint of sparkle

I added these hoops to my rotation for a little sparkle and to compliment the Pave Trendsetter Hoops. While I do agree with some of the reviews saying that the clasp seems a little less secure than some of the other hoops, I haven't run into any issues, and just don't wear them for sleep or rigorous activities.

I love TiniLux jewelry!

I was able to get my first choice of box with gold originals. One pair of hoops was one I had on my wishlist so it was immediately a win! I love the other two styles of studs, one of them I might not have purchased myself but that’s part of the fun of the surprise. I would’ve been happy to receive other jewelry pieces, but TiniLux are the only earrings I could wear so this was perfect. It’s a 11/10 for me!

Mystery Box
Loved them all!

What a great deal. Like others Who have stated that they received pieces they wouldn’t normally have bought, I also received one set that I normally would not have bought. However, I have four granddaughters that will love them for Christmas this year. I think I’m gonna buy two boxes next time.