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Still holding!

Bought the Single Nano Celeste Stud after my first helix piercing fell out. In order to prevent the piercing from closing I purchased this smaller stud figuring it would be more comfortable to sleep on than the original. This pretty stud definitely fit the bill and I look forward to getting a larger Tini Lux earing as this earing and a pair I bought last year have not reacted to my skin. Thanks!

Lilibet Hoops
Haley M
The Perfect Staple Earrings

I LOVE these earrings! They pair well with any outfit and are great for a formal event or causual wear. The quality is good too, they're not too heavy that they weigh down your ears but they wont fall out easily either. As someone who can has severe reactions to most metals, I was overjoyed to have quality and beautiful titanium earrings that I can wear everyday!

Comfortable studs with great customer service!

I purchased these earrings for my 3rd lobe piercings back in February and they fit perfectly! Wore them 24/7 - they did not tarnish, turn green, or give me problems while sleeping due to the comfortable screw back design. Unfortunately in June one of the gemstones came out of one of the earrings. Even though this was probably due to overwear on my part (I seriously did not take them out once after putting them in) when I sent a quick email to customer services explaining the problem, Tini Lux responded in less than 24 hours to tell me they had sent replacement earrings on the way! I have them now and they continue to garner me compliments and keep me safe from ear infection (I have very sensitive ears). Who would've thought that a jewelry malfunction would actually make me a lifelong customer of this brand!

Olivia Studs
Caitlin Burkeitt
Waste of money

I have a 1.5 year old whose earrings are constantly falling out because the backs won't stay on. Saw these advertised as "made for toddlers" due to the short posts and twist lock earring backs. Paid $50 for one pair, received them on a Tuesday, by Thursday the backs had fallen off and one earring fell out and it now lost. Complete waste of money.

Kate Hoops
Alina Kim
Cute & comfy

I have very sensitive ears; even 14K gold earrings have hurt my earlobes in the past. I wore these earrings for 18 hours straight for a day full of events, including a wedding and reception. I'm happy to report that these earrings were painless, so much so that I forgot that I was wearing them until the end of the night, when they were starting to get a little uncomfortable, but I think it was due more to the weight.

I am knocking off one star because one of the pearls had discoloration, as if a coating was rubbed off (so not "flawless" as advertised). Overall though, I am very much satisfied and a true believer in Tini Lux earrings.

Charlotte Studs
Claudia Pierce
These earrings were great! ...til they broke

I love tini lux, but I have had issues with the durability of their products. I have had these earrings maybe two weeks and one of the pearls fell off while I was wearing them!! Just going to super glue it ig but still irritated

Hi Claudia,

We're sorry to hear that your earrings were damaged. This is covered under our warranty. Please reach out to info@tinilux.com and we will be happy to replace them.

Best Wishes

Rooftop Hoops
Love these hoops!

Great hoops! No irritation! I wear them 24/7!

Earring backs

Extremely pleased!

Cancer Studs
julia barrett
Love my Cancer Studs!♋️

Love these high-quality titanium studs! The zodiac signs are super trendy, and the studs are very well made- no irritation for my ultra-sensitive ears!! Fast shipping, great customer service, and such cute packaging. Can’t wait to buy my next pair. Thanks TL❤️

Getaway Hoops
julia barrett

Love these hoops! Approximately the same size as the Rooftop Hoops, but elevated. Can’t say enough good things about these hoops, I can never wear anything other than Tini Lux! Love how simple they are, yet with a chic twist :)

Diana Bracelet
Chesca Reisse
Wouldn’t buy again, wasn’t durable

Took it off for a shower and went to grab it after, and the clasp had fallen off like the chain link was too loose:( loved it until then. Lasted a good month almost

Samira Studs
Chesca Reisse
Very good, no allergic reaction

Have very sensitive ears and very glad with purchase.

Too small, unwearable

The description says it can be worn in a cartilage piercing which is what I got it for and it's way too small. The hoop is too small and also the post is too short for my helix piercing. It's unwearable and I'm past their 14 day return period so I guess I'm just out the money.

Lea Studs
Amy Pelham
Too big if you have multiple piercings

They look nice but are too bulky. I have 3 piercings in my lobe and they take up too much space. It makes my ear look crowded.

Med Date Night Hoops
Jessica Meyers
My daughter love them!

They are beautiful! My daughter has eczema and this earrings does not cause any issues to her skin.

Livie Studs
Abigail Stallings
Worth it!!!

My ears have gotten so sensitive over the past year to the point every earring was causing redness, swelling, etc. I've been wearing these continuously for over 2 weeks now with no problems. Thank you Tini Lux! I will be ordering again soon ;)

Fantastic find for people w allergies!

I got this pair in the silver/titanium color. Although I did think they would be more shiny silver in appearance, they are definitely more dull and more gray than id hope. But the little stones and overall material is well constructed!
I got a different pair in gold which are true to color! So im going to stick with gold earrings from Tinilux. With both pairs im extremely happy to be able to not be in pain while wearing earrings!

I can actually wear earrings!

I can’t believe that I can actually wear earrings again!! These are miraculous and SO cute!! Definitely going to get more!

simple and classy

These earrings are nice looking for special occasions and everyday. I wear them as my everyday earrings and enjoy them very much as they are comfortable and light. I initially bought a pair that were slightly damaged and when I wrote Tini Lux about the damaged earrings, they immediately sent me replacement earrings. Really responsive customer service!

Heart Ace Studs
I've missed wearing earrings!

I was hesitant because of the price and the fact that everything bothers my ears. I wore them for the first time and I had a little bit of a reaction, but I assumed that it was because I had nothing in my ears for YEARS. The next day and from there on out..no reactions at all. I have 2 pairs and I absolutely love them. 100% will be buying another pair when I can afford it.

Rooftop Hoops
Eliza Hodges
Best. Ever.

I haven’t worn earrings in years because everything hurt my ears. I would put them in and they would hurt or itch almost instantly. A family member recommended these on Facebook so I had to check them out. These were my first pair and it only took a few days for my ears to get used to wearing jewelry again. Absolutely no irritation from the metal at all!! Huzzah!! I just put in an order for three more styles! I am so excited! THANK YOU TiniLux!!

Rooftop Hoops
Abbey J
Forever grateful

I have the epitome of sensitive ears. I would feel earrings the instant I put them in. These I do not feel even slightly. They’re light weight and they work. I am so thankful they come in gold tone too!!! My absolute favorite. I’ve worn them for 2 weeks straight now. While sleeping, showering, in the pool. They still look brand new. I will be a forever customer.

June Studs
Just what I needed

Developed an allergy recently and can finally wear some day to day sparkle again.

Rooftop Hoops
Susan M.
Amazing earrings

My daughter has the most sensitive ears and it’s been years of struggling to find earrings that she doesn’t have a reaction to. Her reactions would range from redness, swelling, to an infection within 24 hours. My daughter has been wearing these for three days and no reaction whatsoever. I’m so happy I came across this brand when I was searching for earrings. I will definitely be searching for more to order for her. So anyone with insanely sensitive skin this is the brand to get.

Livie Studs
Neeraj Vijantkar
My ear healed

It worked well. One thing that can be improved is the earring back, it is super tight and hard to put on for the first few times.