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Castor Studs
Gisell Carrasco
Love them

I purchased this for my daughter who has a sensitivity to most metals, she loves them

Rooftop Hoops
sheila golden

I love them. LOVE THEM!!

Livie Opal Studs
Emily Steiner
Very beautiful

These are very beautiful earrings but I’m not 100% convinced these are hypoallergenic. I definitely felt some irritation. Going to try again but I’ll be really upset if they don’t work out.

Lea Pave Studs
Caylin Gudger

Lea Pave Studs

So happy to have found these!

It has been years since I have been able to wear earrings. The moment I would put an earring in, my ear would get red and itchy. I was a little skeptical whether these would work, but they do. I have been wearing them non-stop and no issues at all! Now I am ready for more!

Love them!

My daughter loves the style. She has a nickel allergy and these have not caused her any issues.

Large Rooftop Hoops
Rebecca Brown
The best

Ive worn these along with the smaller hoops every single day for the past 6 months, obsessed

Earrings are great, backs suck

The backs are too big for the earrings and come off too easily, hence the sell spares on their site. Earrings are great, I can wear then all the time without any issues, but the backs constantly fall off or come loose and it's annoying.

Truly hypoallergenic brand

As many reviewers have written, this is my first truly hypoallergenic brand. I tried many, many cheap amazon earrings before finding these. Very cute.

Large Long Weekend Hoops
Avery Pierce-McGovern
Too Heavy

Love the way these look but they are HEAVY! I don't know if they're not hollow or if it's just that titanium obv weighs more than gold, but my ear definitely sagged. Drove me crazy so I'm exchanging for something lighter. I will say - no reaction as far as I can tell and I have quite sensitive skin (and very petite ears, so keep that in mind)!

Small Friday Hoops
Beverly Jackson
Not for me, maybe for you

They are beautiful, but they are tiny...much smaller than I imagined. And I have fat ear lobes, so the post is not long enough to go through easily, and I see no way to "attach" the post to the earring, to keep it secure. It will fall off, if I don't be super careful. As a result, I just don't wear them. But they are pretty to look at, and I feel foolish for spending that much money. I have to assume they would no react on my supersensitive ears, but I can't wear them.

Roadtrip Hoops
Abigail Smith
Very Comfortable

Love these earrings. No itch or irritation!

Super cute

I love these! They’re my favorite out of all the Tini lux styles. They are just the perfect size, not too big and not too small. They pair well with everything and are very lightweight. They’re perfect for my sensitive ears.

Small Friday Hoops
Elizabeth Berlanga
I love!!

I've had them in for almost a month and have had no reaction. They are the perfect size if you are looking for something to comfortably wear 24/7. One of the earrings became loose and would randomly pop open. I emailed Tini Lux and they replaced it! I am so happy with this set that I have purchased more earrings from them. Definitely recommend

Rooftop Hoops
Cydney Mitchell
Didn’t work on my ears

I was really hoping this would be the one set that would solve my issue wearing earrings. It didn’t unfortunately. I have very sensitive ears and my ear lobs still blew up, we’re red and really hurt when I touched them.

I can finally wear earrings!

I can normally wear “hypoallergenic” or “nickel free” earrings for less than an hour. I’ve had these in for almost 2 weeks without removing them and my ears feel great. They are pretty and dainty, and I love them.


So simple but chic, I wear them all the time. I think I’m about to go buy a second pair!

Beware this company

My Tini Lux earring broke the very first time I tried to insert it using their backing. It has been over a month and I have yet to receive a refund after spending another $10 to ship them back.

Great Earrings

My ears have always been very sensitive, but I can wear these studs all day without any pain or discomfort. I highly recommend these earrings for anyone who struggles with ear sensitivity.

Charming Hoops
Tess Cool
so charming!

I love the charming hoops! The small size make these earrings perfect for everyday wear, but the addition of a charm can turn this erring into a statement piece. 10/10 recommend

Charming Hoops
Gabriella Hornack
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, as usual!

These earrings are seriously staples you NEED to add to your collection. I'm obsessed.

Initiative: Eau
Danielle Rymers

I got these while already suffering from a bad infection from injuring a recently healed new lobe piercing site. My ears were killing me- red, itchy, painful bumps all over both ears. I had been wearing nice gold fine jewelry as well that cause no issues in my other lobe piercings. Put these in, and with keeping my ears clean and some creams to soothe the inflammation, INSTANT game changer. My ears settled down, no itching, and I have had 0 pain since putting them in- took 24 hours for the inflammation to be GONE. I got them because of other reviews saying how nice they were for allergies, and 10/10 did exactly what they were supposed to do. I never remove them- shower, sleep, etc. Even while we have to wear masks at work, they don’t get irritated by the mask straps. I can’t even tell they are there. Only wish I had gotten them sooner!

Layla Studs
Nicole H.
Tini Lux replace the earrings

So pleased with the Customer service of the company, I have been wearing the first pair nonstop, I plan on not wearing these everyday, but maybe every 3rd day. With service like this I will be purchasing more.

Mini Celeste Studs
Megan Lee-MacLean
Beautiful and wearable!

I am so happy to finally be able to wear earrings again!! After a few decades of reactions to all earrings I’ve finally found the ones!! These are simple and cute and I wear them all day every day!!


I have gone without earrings for too long. In fact, after purchasing ugly niobium earrings (limited designs) my world has been ROCKED. It’s true, thank you for making relevant designs for the earring challenged! No irritation! A whole new world!