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large rooftop hoops


25mm Round Hoops Nonallergenic Earrings. Small endless hoop earrings.

Why We Made This:

These are the perfect everyday, small sized infinity hoops

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BASE METAL: The base metal for the entire earring and earring back is pure titanium.  

COATING: A titanium nitride PVD coating is applied to the earrings to give it an 18k gold color. The coating is only applied to portions of the earrings that do not touch the ear. Titanium nitride is a hypoallergenic material that is more durable and resistant to wear than gold plating.

CARE: These earrings can be worn in the water and will not tarnish or turn green.  

No Compromises Here

  • skin safe

    doesn't react with human body

  • water resistant

    Doesn't tarnish, change color, or turn green

  • lightweight

    no pulling, stetching, or sagging earlobes

  • affordable

    pure and safe at a fraction of the price of 24k gold or platinum

Tested for Purity

We lab test our earrings to ensure they meet our purity standards

lab results

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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Love these earrings!

I haven’t worn earrings in over 15 years since all the earrings I’ve ever purchased have irritated my ears so badly!
I don’t get any type of allergy or irritation with these and they are so classy and complete my outfits. I am hoping to buy more very soon.

Love my tinilux

I love these earrings! They are the first earrings that I have worn in over a decade that don't cause my ears to burn upon inserting them. I have worn them every day since they arrived and my ears feel great! And they are super cute, too! Thank you so so so much. I WILL be a repeat customer and have already raved about you on Facebook and in my family text threads.

I'm wearing earrings again!

I haven't been able to wear earrings since my first son was born (7 years!) I am so happy to finally have found something that I can wear all day, and forget that I am wearing. I had totally given up hope until my sister convinced me to try Tini Lux. I am so beyond happy!

Finally I can wear earrings again!

I was very hesitant to buy these because, as many know, once you have a metal allergy you don’t want to waste money on earrings that claim to be for sensitive ears over and over. But these are incredible! Not only can I wear them all day without any irritation but they are also super lightweight and so cute! I have already gotten 2 more pairs and love them as well. So grateful for earrings that are truly for sensitive ears!

A little shoddy

The earrings are pretty, neutral, and not too heavy. Perfect for everyday, and noticed a reduction in my reactions. I’ve had sensitive piercings since I had them done at 8, so I’m happy. After about a week of wearing them the hinge of one is wonky and won’t clasp correctly. I’ll continue to wear them until they fall apart because they’re attractive but I think earrings at this price point should be sturdier.

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