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mini isabelle stud earrings

mini isabelle stud earrings

A smaller take on our ultra-popular Isabelle Studs, the Mini Isabelle Studs are dainty everday earrings and perfect for those who want to add crystal glam to their stack. The square prong set crystal gemstone studs are made with pure medical grade titanium; making them waterproof, tarnish resistant and skin friendly.

See how these will look on your ear:

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Clean Jewelry: Jewelry that is free from reactive metals

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ASTM F-67: Pure, unalloyed titanium. This is the safest metal for sensitive ears because it is the least likely to cause a reaction. We use this for almost all of our earrings.

ASTM F-136: Implant grade titanium. This is an biocompatible alloy containing aluminum, vanadium, and titanium. We use this for our flat back studs.

STAINLESS STEEL: We use this as a base metal for our bracelets and necklaces. We always use nickel free and lead free stainless steel. It is then plated with titanium nitride, a biocompatible material, to further protect sensitive skin.

COATING: Titanium nitride PVD is applied to our gold jewelry to give it an 18k gold color. Titanium nitride is a hypoallergenic material that is more durable and resistant to wear than gold plating.

CARE: Since the materials we use are non-tarnishing, our jewelry can be worn in the water and will not change color, rust, tarnish or turn green. 

How We Styled This

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Tested for Purity

We lab test our earrings to ensure they meet our Clean Jewelry standards

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Savannah Reed-Napier
Finally can end my search for earrings!

I have spent my entire life, looking for earrings that do not hurt my sensitive ears. I waited to write this review so I could really put these to the test. I have been wearing them for a month straight. Have not taken them out. No redness, no irration, no sensitivity! Just earrings that I am able to wear with NO ISSUES!!!! Not to mention, they are great quality and just beautiful! I have been telling everyone about this brand! I will be repurchasing! Thank you so much for taking the time to create this jewelry for people like myself 🩷

Kavya Kosgi
Got an infection

Tried these per a friend's recommendation..and woke up with an infection the next day. Never had this happen with another brand before. The front of the earring stunning. the stud...felt old amd rusty to start with. Not sure if these are new or returned or what the deal was...not a happy customer.

Healed my 2-year old piercings

I was skeptical at first. I got my ears pierced two years ago and they still hadn't healed. I tried everything but Tini Lix. I got these as a last resort and my ears have never looked better! I’ve had them in for about a month now and the piercing is almost completely healed.

Quincy P.
You have earned a loyal customer!❤️

I have never been able to wear earrings with out my ears becoming extremely red, painful, and inflamed. I have always tried to use “hypo-allergenic” earrings, but they still would irritate my ears terribly. I didn’t realize what I needed was pure titanium! I have had my Tini Lux earrings in for 3 days now with absolutely no irritation, I now can wear earrings like I’ve always wanted to. Here’s to more piercings! Thanks Tini Lux! ❤️

Love these dainty earrings

I have been very happy with TiniLux earrings. I had to give up on pierced ears some years ago due to allergies, and these work very well for me. I can even sleep in them. I do like the screw-on backs a bit better, but I do understand that there are problems with those. Since there is a finite amount to the length of the post with a screw on, they may not fit all ears. Being a bit too loose would be problematic with larger earrings. This particular pair looks like a dainty little diamond, and is great for every-day wear.

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mini isabelle stud earrings