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kyra stud earrings

kyra stud earrings


Mini triangle shaped stud earrings made with biocompatible materials. These customer favorite studs were added as a cool geometric stud for second or third holes. These can be used as starter studs, sleeper studs, and healing studs.


        See how these will look on your ear:

        ear stacker

        Clean Jewelry: Jewelry that is free from reactive metals

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        ASTM F-67: Pure, unalloyed titanium. This is the safest metal for sensitive ears because it is the least likely to cause a reaction. We use this for almost all of our earrings.

        ASTM F-136: Implant grade titanium. This is an biocompatible alloy containing aluminum, vanadium, and titanium. We use this for our flat back studs.

        STAINLESS STEEL: We use this as a base metal for our bracelets and necklaces. We always use nickel free and lead free stainless steel. It is then plated with titanium nitride, a biocompatible material, to further protect sensitive skin.

        COATING: Titanium nitride PVD is applied to our gold jewelry to give it an 18k gold color. Titanium nitride is a hypoallergenic material that is more durable and resistant to wear than gold plating.

        CARE: Since the materials we use are non-tarnishing, our jewelry can be worn in the water and will not change color, rust, tarnish or turn green. 

        Tested for Purity

        We lab test our earrings to ensure they meet our Clean Jewelry standards

        lab results

        Pair With

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 112 reviews
        Francesca C
        Omg my dream studs

        It really feels like im not wearing earrings at all. I could cry because ive tried so many earrings that after an hour my ears are red and itchy. Not the case with these and so many cute styles. Just wish there were some REALLY big hoops. Maybe one day

        Very nice!

        Ive had my ears pierced 3 times in the same spot due to irritation/infection and they would close. I eventually gave up on earrings but with my recent decision to let my gray hair grow out I really wanted to add some color to my face. So I decided to try these - put them in last week (and have left them since then) and had some inflammation just due to pushing them thru the holes. I cleaned them daily and rotated the posts in place. The inflammation cleared up after 2 days and now they’re great! No irritation at all, can rotate them freely without any discomfort. Plan to order more in larger/sparkly styles.

        Sarah Burke
        Wearing Earrings Again!

        I haven't been able to wear earrings for almost 10 years. After doing some research, I decided to try Tini Lux. This is my second pair of earrings and I LOVE them. I can wear them all day with no pain or swelling. Its a miracle ! I love the small kyra studs and I'm planning on buying more styles.

        Exactly what I wanted

        Well made, unique, and I've had no reactions thanks to the titanium. Love!

        I can finally wear earrings again!

        I haven't been able to wear earrings for about 7 years. And even before then they were always getting infected/itchy within 30 minutes of wearing earrings. I tried every different metal, but didn't know about titanium earrings until recently. I waited to write this review for about 3 weeks to really make sure they weren't too good to be true. You guys... I can wear earrings again! I followed the website's "healing your piercing" instructions and then wore the earrings for a week straight only removing to shower. I can't even tell that I'm wearing them. I have had ZERO irritation from these earrings. I'm so glad I get to wear cute earrings now :)

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        kyra stud earrings