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5 Simple Ear Stacks That You Can Wear Everyday

By Britanny Murray

A game-changing and first of its kind tool, our virtual ear curator now allows you to visualize and create different earring combinations right from your phone using our collection of non allergenic earrings. We’re no longer living in the past, and the future of stacking has officially arrived. No matter the amount of piercings (although it's likely you'll have new piercing fever after using the ear curator), you can easily create a one of a kind stack that showcases your personality and style. 

We’ve curated 5 simple hypoallergenic earring sets that suit any style and are perfect for everyday wear, we highly recommend adding them to your collection. If you’re new to the world of stacking try one of these easy and chic sets out or use them as a base to curate a stack that helps tell the story of you. 

The Minimalist Hoop Lover: 

Huggie hoops, textured hoops, rooftop hoops, give us all the hoops. A hypoallergenic earring set of endless hoops for your everyday. Featuring our collection of titanium infinity hoops, this set is perfect for the modern girl who loves to rock a chic and on trend everyday hoop look. 

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First Lobe Piercing: 18 MM Rooftop Hoop

Second Lobe Piercing: 18 MM Rooftop Hoop

Tragus: 6 MM Single Mini MainSail Huggie

Helix: 6 MM Single Mini Rooftop Hoop

The Simple Studs: 

Simple, dainty, with just a touch of glam. You can never go wrong with classic nickel free studs. This set features our collection of our best selling sleeper, healer and starter studs, so comfortable you might even forget you even have them in. 

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First Lobe Piercing: Mini Layla Stud 

Second Lobe Piercing: Mini Celeste Stud

Third Lobe Piercing: Livie Stud

Fourth Lobe Piercing: Pave Astrid Stud 

Helix: Astrid Stud

Tragus: Mini Celeste Stud 

The Classic Edge:

If you’re looking to add a little edge to your everyday ear, you’ve stumbled across the perfect stack for you. Featuring our hypoallergenic ear cuff that fits like a glove, you’ll never want to take this one off. Paired with our bezel set chain huggie, this set screams “I’m trendy yet edgy”. 

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First Lobe Piercing: Offshore Huggie

Second Lobe Piercing: Single Suri Stud 

Third Lobe Piercing: Pave Castor Stud

Helix: Thea Stud 

Tragus: Lea Stud 

A Mixed Metals Moment: 

The two tone stack of our (and your) dreams. This mixed metal textured stack is giving everything it needs to give: texture, tones, a touch of glam, simple yet still making a bold statement. Sometimes it’s a silver day, sometimes it’s a gold day, other days it’s a mixed metals day. 

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First Lobe Piercing: Trendsetter Hoop Gold

Second Lobe Piercing: Trendsetter Hoop Silver 

Helix: Mini Celeste Gold 

Upper Helix: 6 MM Mini Main Sail Huggie Gold + Silver 

Tragus: Mini Celeste Silver 

Back to Basics: 

It’s true what they say, the basics will never go out of style and you can never go wrong with a simple hoop and stud combo. Go for a small textured hoop in the first hole, followed by an everyday stud in the second or third lobe piercing. An effortless and sophisticated look that pairs well with any outfit. 

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First Lobe Piercing: Getaway Hoops

Second Lobe Piercing: Livie Stud 

Helix: 6 MM Single Mini Rooftop 


Stack Earresponsibly and try the Virtual Ear Stack Curator. 


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