Living Lux with Abby

Living Lux with Abby

By Britanny Murray

Everyday Lux is about finding those beautiful moments of Lux in your typical everyday life. It’s a way for us to inspire and encourage women by reminding them of the Lux life that they’re already living on a daily basis. 

Email Marketing Coordinator Abby explains why jewelry had quickly become a pandemic necessity for her. 

The Lux Life means something different to everyone and for Abby living a Lux Life revolves around doing things that make you happy. “Whether that's going out and staying busy, or slowing it down and staying in”. Living a Lux Life is about living your best life and there’s no way you could do that without “living in a way that makes you happy”. 


Working from home might’ve been one of the most referenced terms in 2020. As people transitioned into a life without going into the office, the idea of “dressing up” for work evolved (or devolved, depending on how you look at it) into sweatpants and a “nice shirt",  which is why wearing jewelry became a necessary staple for Abby’s everyday life. 

“It's my opportunity to dress up and feel good about the way I look. Working from home consistently now,  I don't "have" to get dressed up as much as I used to. So now when I do put myself together to go out, it's more of a treat than it used to be.”

The versatility of jewelry is that it can elevate even the simplest of looks, whether you’re wearing sweatpants or a sundress, any piece of jewelry is sure to give the outfit a touch of sophistication.  For Abby, simple studs will always be a jewelry item she can’t live without.  


Whenever you’re doing something that makes you feel like your best self is when you’re having a Lux Moment. Lux Moments can be anything that makes you feel good about yourself, from successfully completing your morning routine to having a relaxing and calming night routine.

Abby’s Everyday Lux Moment involved the smell of flowers and a good book. “My Everyday Lux Moment this week was swinging in my hammock in my backyard with a good book and the smell of honeysuckles in the air.” 

Fun Fact: Abby played collegiate softball at Radford University

Favorite song at the moment: Entire Olivia Rodrigo album “Sour” 


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