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Healing Titanium Stud Earrings

By Jacqueline Burke

I recently spent a weekend in Maine visiting family and while out during the day with my brother and sister I decided I wanted to (finally!) get a second ear lobe piercing. Then when I got to the piercing salon I figured I might as well get a third hole while I was at it.  The earring selection included a variety of surgical steel studs and I chose two that I though would be subtle enough to wear for a few weeks while my piercings healed. The piercing process was easy, quick, and surprisingly not too painful. 

However, after two weeks my piercings were still not healing. During the day I could feel the pressure from the swelling and at night they were too painful to sleep on my side.  I decided to switch out the surgical steel earrings for our starter earrings.  The starter stud earrings are the best earrings for sensitive ears because they are made with 100% pure medical grade titanium. They are manufactured in the US by Patterson Precision, a dental implant manufacturer. They are held to the same material and quality standards as their medical implants.

Within hours of switching to the starter earrings I could feel the pressure go down. The pain continued to decrease over the next 48 hours and by the third night was completely gone.  I did not experience any more bleeding or discharge from piercings after switching to the medical titanium studs.

These are truly healing studs and I am amazed by the difference in my body's reaction to them compared to other materials. I hope that everyone will start to choose biocompatible materials and treat their piercings with the same care as they would a medical implant. I love that they are not only safe but that they come in gold, silver and rose gold so I can match them to my other jewelry and wear them as my everyday stud earrings.



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Tini Lux 5/5/2020

Hi Lynne,

Our studs can be found here: https://tinilux.com/collections/starter-earrings

The Starter Studs are currently sold out but we have other studs available!

Lynne 5/5/2020

I was looking for titanium studs and I saw the blog about your healing titanium studs. Are they currently for sale? If not, I didn’t see any titanium studs on your site. Can you help me?!!!

Thanks so much!

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