Matching Hypoallergenic Jewelry Gift Idea for Mom and Daughter

Matching Jewelry Gift Ideas for Mom and Daughter

By Britanny Murray

If you’re looking for a meaningful Mother’s Day gift nothing screams “I love you mom” like matching hypoallergenic jewelry. At Tini Lux we offer a number of different mom and daughter matching styles, perfect for a “stormi you look like mommy baby” moment. 

If you’re a mom gifting yourself (as you always should be) share the love by purchasing a matching pair of titanium earrings for you and daughter. Matching jewelry is always a good option for treating yourself and treating your lux mom on Mother’s Day. For mother, daughter and granddaughter, all generations will love wearing their matching Tini Lux gifts. 

The Rooftop Hoops 

Our hypoallergenic endless hoops come in 4 different giftable styles. The best selling huggie hoops can be dressed up or dressed down and provide a comfortable barely there feeling so you truly never have to take them out. The Rooftop Hoops are ideal for any age to wear due to their endless design. Mix and match and create a trendsetting matching rooftop ear stack.

endless gold infinity hoop earrings made with medical grade titanium  25 mm round endless hypoallergenic gold hoop earrings

small endless gold huggie hoop earrings made for those with sensitive ears small gold hoops made with medical grade titanium for cartilage piercings and those with sensitive ears

The Celeste Studs 

Must have hypoallergenic studs, the Celeste studs add the perfect amount of glisten to ears of all ages. We recently just launched the Mini Celeste Studs for kids which feature titanium screw backs for added safety. The Celeste Studs come in 4 different sizes, so you have all the options when choosing matching mother’s day gifts for mom and daughter.  

bezel set gemstone hypoallergenic stud earrings  tiny bezel set hypoallergenic stud earrings for sensitive ears

single hypoallergenic bezel set nano stud for cartilage piercings  bezel set gemstone stud earrings with titanium screw back for kids with sensitive ears

Hypoallergenic Birthstone Studs 

Probably one of our favorite matching gifts are our birthstone studs. With the option to gift your mom the matching stud for her birth month or gifting her your own birth month, birthstone studs are truly a dainty yet meaningful gift. Wear each other’s birthstone studs and add a pop of sentimental color to your everyday ear stack. 

hypoallergenic birthstone studs matching gifts for mom and daughter emerald green may birthstone studs

Kelly and Laurel Sets 

Matching titanium bracelet and hypoallergenic necklace sets is another great top tier option when looking for matching jewelry gift ideas. The Kelly Set features a stunning emerald green stone, which is a beautiful color that compliments every skin tone and outfit. The Laurel Set is complimented with a golden amber stone, a gorgeous matching hypoallergenic set that you and your mom will never want to take off. 

emerald green hypoallergenic necklace and bracelet set  amber stone hypoallergenic bracelet and necklace gift set for mother's day


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