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Meet Jasmine Phillips, Social Media Editor, Tik Tok Enthusiast + New York Native

By Britanny Murray

Our team recently got the amazing opportunity to talk with Freelance Model and Byrdie Social Media Editor, Jasmine Phillips.

Jasmine walks us through a day in the life at Byrdie, let's us in on her current beauty faves, dives further into her modeling career, and much more. Keep scrolling to check out the full interview below! 


                                                                                                   Credit: Dion Lamar Mills 

Hi Jasmine! Thanks so much for taking the time to connect with us.  Can you first start by telling us a little bit more about yourself?

Hi! I am Jasmine Phillips. Born and raised in Queens, NY. I am Byrdie’s Social Media Editor, freelance model, hodophile, and Tik Tok enthusiast. 


We would love to know more about your modeling career. Can you talk to us more about how you got into modeling and what that journey has been like for you?

I’ve always had an interest in modeling. Growing up, I watched America’s Next Top Model faithfully, studied Naomi Campbell, and dreamed of one day seeing my face on a billboard in Times Square. I went to my first runway casting in 2018. A major haircare brand that I dreamed of working with was putting on a show during New York Fashion Week.  I didn’t book the show but that same day one of my talented fashion designer friends asked me to model in a showcase that she was participating in a month later. 

Since that show, I’ve had the opportunity to hit the runway at New York Fashion Week, Brooklyn Fashion Week, and model for brands like Carol’s Daughter, Dark and Lovely, Nude Barre, and more. It’s been an amazing experience. 


How does jewelry play a role in your everyday life? Do you have any everyday pieces you can’t live without? Do you find yourself reaching for hoops or studs more?

I’ve strictly worn gold studs every day of my entire until I was introduced to Tini Lux in June of this year. I grew up dancing and most dance studios had policies against jewelry, besides studs, for safety reasons. I never thought hoops could be my thing and with sensitive ears, I’ve been afraid to venture out. Now, I switch between studs and hoops on a pretty regular basis. I’ve always had a minimalist approach when it comes to jewelry- dainty bracelets, bar necklaces, and stackable rings.


We absolutely love your style and aesthetic. Can you provide us with a few of your staple pieces for this season and any styling tips you’d be willing to share? How would you define your style?

Thank you! It’s funny because growing up I’ve always felt that a coat messes up an outfit but these days I find myself centering my outfits around a statement coat, especially when spending time outdoors. One of my current faves is a NVLT faux-leather puffer that I got from Nuuly. A few of my other favorite staple pieces for winter are knee-high boots, a small Telfar bag, and in true NYC fashion: a black turtleneck.


Can you let us in on your current beauty faves at the moment?

Like everyone else, #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt is so real these days. My current faves are Charlotte Tilbury's Pinkgasm, NYX Butter Gloss, and Black Girl Sunscreen. 


Can you briefly walk us through a day in the life as a Social Media Editor at Byrdie? What has been the most rewarding aspect of your career so far?

Every day is different but I like to split things into content creation days and editorial days. On the content days, I’m creating and editing videos for Byrdie’s TikTok page and working with brands to help create Instagram Story takeovers. On editorial days, I’m scheduling and posting on Instagram Stories, Facebook, and Twitter, contributing product reviews for stories on Byrdie, and helping the Senior Social Editor, Star Donaldson, with any other requests that come through.

The most rewarding aspect of my career so far has been the opportunity to highlight small and Black businesses on Byrdie. We have a monthly article series Editors’ Picks where we share the products that we are loving that month. I try to include at least one small or Black business that produces quality products but may not have received the recognition they deserve. 


We’re sure your schedule is jam packed at all times. Can you share any tips you have for anyone struggling to stay motivated, organized or inspired during these winter months of 4pm sunsets?

Daylight savings happens every year and for some reason, I’m still not used to it being dark so early! I work best when it’s still light out so I try to get the bulk of my work done as early as possible. I also like to have a midday cup of hot chocolate for a brain boost. One product that I’ve heard great things about that I’m thinking about investing in is a HappyLight Therapy lamp. It mimics sunlight to help boost energy, enhance mood, and improve focus. 


                                                                                            Credit: Dion Lamar Mills  

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received or do you have any mantras that you live by? Or do you have any mentors that have helped inspire you along the way?

One quote that I live by is “The worst you could hear is no.” I used to be so afraid of hearing the word no that I wouldn’t even put myself out there because of possible rejection. I’ve learned that by not asking for something you automatically will get a no. You have to build that confidence in yourself and do the work to get to where you want to be.

This year alone I’ve been able to accomplish so much because I put myself out there- including applying for and accepting my current position at Byrdie. Sure, I still hear no but I just know that those opportunities weren’t meant for me and something better will come along.  


What are your favorite forms of self-care and how do you incorporate these into your everyday routine? 

My favorite form of self-care these days is getting a facial. I recently went to Rob Peetom salon in Williamsburg and it was one of the best facials I’ve had in a while.

The esthetician, Natalia, took such good care of my skin, was very knowledgeable, and made the experience a delightful one. On a weekly basis, I try to give myself a face mask every Sunday just to get things back in order and ready for the week ahead. 



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Jennifer Freeman 12/20/2021

So proud of you my dear keep up the great work you are doing that was a great interview.

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