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New Ear Stacks for a New Year

By Britanny Murray

There’s no better way to start the year than with a fresh new piercing. If you’ve been thinking about getting a new piercing, this is in fact the sign you’ve been waiting for. Before heading to your local piercing salon make sure you check out our Virtual Ear Stacker tool

This never before tool allows you to customize and create your own unique ear stack using all of your favorite hypoallergenic hoops and titanium studs. If you’ve been wanting to enhance your look with a new piercing but unsure how it might look, our virtual stacking tool helps to solve that pesky problem of skepticism. Go on, get the piercing and keep scrolling for some new year new stack inspiration.


New Year New Trends 

Start the year off setting trends while wearing our Mini Trendsetter Hoops. This sleek stack features our hypoallergenic oval shaped hoops, completed with our Offshore Huggie in the mid cartilage piercing. The chain detail on the bezel set gemstone huggie gives added flare and edge to the stack. 




Out With The Old, In With the Hoops 

What's a new year without new hoops and dreams? Featuring some of our best selling titanium huggie hoops, this stack is giving new year new me. The gold textured hypoallergenic hoop in the first lobe piercing effortlessly compliments our glistening silver Ocean Ave huggie. The stack is finished off with our mini non allergenic endless hoops. 




Crawling with Goals 

This shiny silver stack features our chic hypoallergenic crawler stud. Ellie makes the perfect addition to any ear stack and is a chic trendsetting way to give the illusion of a constellation piercing. The look is completed with our sleek titanium huggie in the tragus piercing. 



Cuff In the New Year 

With this shimmering gold stack your attention is automatically drawn to our nickel free ear cuff. The Suri stud fits perfectly nestled in your ear creating an edgy and balanced symmetrical look. In the first lobe piercing the stunning star stud steals the show while our Ellie Crawler stud flawlessly cradles the upper cartilage piercing. 





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