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Swoon Worthy Valentine’s Day Ear Stacks

By Britanny Murray

Using our one of kind Virtual Ear Stacker tool, we’ve curated a list of  heart filled ear stacks for you to wear this upcoming Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re staying in, having a date night, or hitting the bar with your galentines, these are the perfect hypoallergenic earring sets to get you in the mood for love.

Keep scrolling for some Valentine’s Day jewelry inspo, featuring your favorite titanium earrings.

Lux At First Sight

Your eyes are automatically drawn to the stunning and hexagonal shaped Cara Stud. The titanium crystallized stud sits perfectly in the first lobe piercing, followed by our hypoallergenic Heart Ace Stud in the second lobe piercing. The titanium heart shaped stud is dainty and features a pave crystal in the center, giving extra glisten for all the Valentine's Day festivities. The radiant Single Ocean Ave Huggie in the upper cartilage piercing completes the crystalized stack.





Lux AF 

The star of this stack is our sleek and chic Single Suri Stud, the hypoallergenic ear cuff is placed in the second lobe piercing providing dimension and edge to the ear. In the first and third lobe piercings our titanium heart shaped Priya Studs are radiating all the love you need this Valentine’s Day. The Offshore Huggie is placed in the mid cartilage piercing, giving us edge with the hanging chain and radiance with the hypoallergenic crystal stud. 




Hoops Over Hearts 

This sweet and silver crystalized stack is perfect for any and all Valentine’s Day plans. The pave tridot stud is placed in the first lobe piercing followed by our best selling titanium crystal hoops. Our hypoallergenic October Birthstone Stud is placed in the third lobe piercing to provide a minimal pop of festive vday color. The Single Ocean Ave huggie completes this luminous stack comfortably nestled in the upper cartilage piercing.




Crazy in Lux 

This luxurious stack features a few of our best selling opal earrings. There’s something about opal and Valentine's Day that just makes sense. The Livie Opal Stud sits in the first lobe piercing, followed by the hypoallergenic dome shaped Mini Layla Studs in the second lobe. Both pairs are perfect for those with sensitive ears and ideal for being used as sleeping or healing studs. The titanium heat shaped Opal Priya Studs are placed in the tragus and mid cartilage piercings, completing this simple and opal filled Valentine’s Day stack. 





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