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The 10 Items that Will Be Everywhere This Summer

By Jacqueline Burke

The 10 Items that Will Be Everywhere This Summer

It's hard to believe but Summer 2020 is almost upon us. The pandemic hasn't stopped the fashion-trend wheel from turning, however I think it has slowed it down. A lot of this summer's trends have been brewing for a while, and they are definitely skewing towards comfort. These are the items and styles that you are going to see everywhere this summer:

Birkenstock Style Pool Slides

I love a good pair of pool slides, and this summer the in style is chunky and comfortable.  Find the color and pattern that suits you.

Sleek Hoops

Hoops are always in style, and this summer is no exception.  They are basically the lazy girls way to elevate your entire look. A sweatsuit alone is lounge wear, a sweatsuit + hoops = fashion. 

35mm Rose Gold/40mm Silver/40mm Rose Gold

High Waisted Bathing Suits

Just like low rise jeans have been retired/killed off in the last few years, it seems like low rise bathing suits are trending in the same direction. A high waisted or high cut bathing suit is everyone's friend. 

Tie Dye

Tie dying your clothes during quarantine may be totally cliche at this point but who cares, it's really fun.  If you don't have the space or the desire to tie dye your own pieces, shop these tie dye items:

Comfy Shorts

Biker shorts were the in-shorts of summer 2019, but summer 2020 will be all about the ribbed biker shorts and sweat pant shorts. If you can't find any sweat pant shorts because they are all sold out, just create your own by cutting off a pair of old sweat pants. 

Crop Tops

If you've spent any time on TikTok then you know that crop tops are so hot right now.  This is another easy DIY trend. Breathe life into an old t-shirt by cutting it right above the top of your pants.

Socks with Sandals

Normcore is very in right now. I kind of love the socks with sandals trend, especially if you are in a city, because it feels like it keeps your feet safer from the sidewalk germs. 

Modern Aviators

Aviators will never go out of style. This year, the hottest aviators are ones that have a slightly updated look to them. Think square or rectangle shapes and colored lenses.

Woven Totes

Instead of blowing a ton of money on a new handbag, get a versatile, affordable woven tote that will be perfect for your socially distant beach trips and picnics. 

Reef Safe Sunscreen

I have to admit that I just learned about the damaging effects that sunscreen can have on the coral reef ecosystem. Brands are now creating reef-safe formulas that are less damaging to the ocean life.  Try some of these out:


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