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Things To Do When You Can't Leave Your Home

By Jacqueline Burke
To every person that is still working right now, especially the people working in health care, grocery stores,  pharmacies, restaurants, schools,  and delivery services: THANK YOU.  You deserve a special vacation and proper compensation after all of this and I hope you get it.  For those of you that are at home doing your part to socially distance yourself, thank you too.  I know that can be difficult for many reasons too.   
  If you're home and looking for some form of entertainment, I put together a list of things to keep you busy.  I listed some of my personal favorite books, shows, and podcasts, some activities, and also some ways you can support small and local businesses (for free).

1. Read/Watch/Listen

Little Fires Everywhere: This is a book and a new show on Hulu! I suggest reading the book first.
Ask Again, Yes: A family drama that spans decades. You will be pulled into these families immediately.
East of Eden: This is a classic and my favorite book of all time. I've read it at least four times and love it more every time. 
Where the Crawdads Sing: This is one of Reese Witherspoon's recommended book. I listened to the audio book version. It takes a while to get into it but by the end I found myself sobbing alone in my car multiple times. 
How to Cope With Corona Virus Anxiety
8 Ways to Reduce Anxiety
Peaky Blinders: You will attempt a fake British accent after watching this.
The Hunters: I haven't watched this yet but I have been recommend it by many people.
Schitt's Creek: A heartwarming family comedy that you will fall in love with.
30 Rock: One of the best written comedies ever made (written by and starring Tina Fey of course). Every character on the show is uniquely hilarious.
Good Job Brain: Unfortunately they aren't making this show anymore, but there are at least 200 episodes you can listen to. If you like trivia at all, or just want a show that will leave you happy and smiling after listening, this is it. 
How I Built This: The host, Guy Raz, interviews some of the most influential entrepreneurs. It is fascinating to hear the stories behind the companies and brands that are so ingrained in our lives we forget that at one point they were just an idea.
The Pitch: Basically Shark Tank, but in podcast format. Really interesting for any aspiring entrepreneurs. 
Two Judgey Girls: This one is more specific to Bravo fans, but if you have the time to catch up on some Bravo reality shows right now, listen to this podcast afterward and be prepared to laugh.
Noble Blood: A mix of royal history and true crime. Really unique and always entertaining. 
Crime Junkie: 30-60 min episodes about true crime. The hosts do a great job of telling the story and the feelings behind the facts and evidence.

2. Do

Make a scrapbook. This is something I used to love to do, but it has been replaced over the last decade with digital media. Now is the time to make one though!
At home yoga. There are so many resources for streaming workouts right now. I really like Yoga by Adrienne on YouTube.
Learn a Language. Now is the time to reopen your Duolingo app! It's also a great time to find online tutors that you can video chat with the learn and practice. 
Spring Clean. Watch Tidying Up on Netflix if you haven't yet. It'll inspire you to organize every room, closet and drawer in your house. 
Start A Business. Okay maybe now isn't the best time to actually start a business. But you can start thinking about one and write a business plan. Reach out to me via email or Instagram if you want advice!

3. Support Small Businesses   

If you’re currently anxious and online shopping is not at the top of your priority list, I get it. Even if you may not want to or be able to spend money right now, here are a few ways you can support your favorite small businesses in ways that are free:
1. Spread the word about them! Tell your friends about your favorite small businesses, and share their information with your social media followers.
2. Take the time to comment and like their social media posts, the boost in engagement can mean a lot right now.
3. If you have questions, comments, or ideas for them, reach out! I can guarantee that employees and founders and VERY interested in hearing what you have to say and ways they can improve.
4. Research small businesses. When all this is over and you are ready to shop again you will already know what small businesses are creating the things you want instead of defaulting to your go-to fast fashion or department store brands.

 Here are some of my favorite small, sustainable, independent, and/or female owned businesses and artists:

Nude Barre: I met the founder last year, her story is inspiring and her products are amazing. She has created size inclusive line of flesh tone tights and underwear in 16 colors. No need to pick between the standard 3 "nude" colors of tights anymore, now you can actually match your skin tone.
Care Division: This is a women owned business creating very high quality CBD products in Colorado. Trouble sleeping right now? Try their Dream CBD
Not Just Kitchens: This is my husband's business. Follow him on Instagram for his home inspiration, education on home renovations, and occasional game night content. If you have any questions about the home renovation process reach out to him, he'll be happy to answer!
Geome Bags: These are really unique hand knit bags in amazing color combinations. The founder grew up in the Republic of Georgia and now lives in my hometown in Maine. (Hence the name Geo=Georgia, ME=Maine)
Tracie Cheng: My favorite artist to follow on Instagram. Check out her work, you'll see why.
Loli: Zero waste beauty products. Effective and sustainable.
Matt Shirley: Never thought I would say that venn diagrams and charts could be entertaining, but his posts are truly hilarious. 

xoxo Jackie


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