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Top 5 Black Friday Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

By Britanny Murray

It feels like 2022 just began yesterday and here we are again approaching the end of the year. The biggest shopping weekend of the year is quickly and swiftly approaching, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping can be quite overwhelming if you’re not fully prepared. 

There’s an unlimited amount of sales, discounts and free gifts to take advantage of during this crazy shopping time. It’s important to plan accordingly and effectively so you can triumphantly reap all the benefits of your favorite Black Friday Cyber Monday sales. 

To ease your stress before it begins, we’re providing you with a list of helpful tips and tricks for successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. Keep scrolling to learn how you can pre plan, pre budget and prepare for a day (weekend) full of some much needed retail therapy. 

Sign Up For Emails / SMS 

One of the most important tips for a successful BFCM shopping weekend is signing up for your favorite brands' emails or SMS campaigns. Signing up for marketing emails and text messages ensures that you’ll be first alerted when sales begin as well as the first to see any new collection arrivals, shopping updates, and new content from the brand. It’s also likely that you’ll receive other perks such as discount codes, free shipping, gifts, etc. 

If you don’t frequently check your email, signing up for SMS is the way to go as it’s easier to just quickly open a text notification. Make sure you’re subscribed to Tini Lux emails and SMS to stay up to date on all things hypoallergenic jewelry and be the first to know when the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday jewelry sale of the season is starting. 

Plan Ahead 

To stay ahead of the Black Friday Cyber Monday craze, make sure you plan your buys ahead of time. Start browsing your favorite websites early and make a list of any items that you want to get your hands on. Products tend to sell out fast during this shopping season so by planning ahead you already know which items are your must haves. If possible add the products to your cart the night before so when the sale begins you can have a quick and easy checkout experience without getting overwhelmed. 

  girl wearing wide flat hypoallergenic hoop earrings hypoallergenic earrings for men made with pure titanium

Follow Brands on Social Media 

Following your favorite brands on social media is another great way to plan successfully for BFCM shopping. If you’re unsure what to buy, going to a brand's social media is a great first step. Browse the feed and see what different products catch your eye. Seeing how different people are styling and wearing the pieces is a great way to gain inspiration and ideas. You’ll also be alerted of when sales are starting and different ways you can shop. Head over to our Instagram to see all the lux ways you're styling your favorite hypoallergenic earrings. 

Look at Gift Guides 

Gaining inspiration from gift guides is a perfect way to ease the tension of BFCM shopping. During this once a year weekend most people tend to try and get their holiday gift shopping done. Taking a look at gift guides is a great way to plan ahead and make sure you know what to get everyone on your list. Check out our 2021 Holiday Gift Guides featuring the perfect gifts for him, her and you. 

 2022 holiday gift guide for couples, best friends, her and him 2022 holiday gift guides easy gift ideas matching hypoallergenic jewelry sets

Shop Online 

If you’ve ever tried to enter a mall on Black Friday you know it’s absolutely insane. The Mean Girls scene of all the students gathering in the hallway after Regina released the Burn Book (iykyk), is what comes to mind when thinking about going into a store for Black Friday shopping. 

Simply put, IRL Black Friday Shopping is HECTIC. S/o the internet because there’s no need to leave the comfort of your home to have a successful Black Friday shopping day. Shopping online this season (and any season) is without a doubt the way to go, there’s no worrying about long lines and social interaction is zero to none. Wearing sweats, scrolling your favorite sites, and sipping starbucks = a peaceful and relaxing day of retail therapy. 

Our Holiday Guidebook makes your BFCM shopping as easy as possible and our 2022 Holiday Gift Guides have everything you need gift everyone in your life something lux this holiday season. Happy Shopping! 


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