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Why Are Screw Back Earrings Best For Kids?

By Jessica Burke

What are screw back earrings?

Screw back earrings are just as the name implies. The post of the earring has small threads on the end that require the back of the earring to be twisted on until it is tight, rather than pushed on like a regular earrings back. This is especially great for kids because they also must be fully unscrewed for removal, making them harder to lose or remove without adult assistance. No one wants to buy their child a nice pair of non-allergenic titanium earrings for them to be lost in a week!

little girl wearing medical grade titanium enamel stud earrings with hypoallergenic screw backs little girl with a pink shirt wearing hypoallergenic stud earrings with titanium screw backs for sensitive ears

Can you sleep with screw back earrings?

Another fan favorite aspect of the screw on backs, is their rounded design fully covers the end of the post, which protects the wearer from being poked in the neck by the stud. This makes them a great option for sleeping in. It can take up to six months for a piercing to heal completely, which means you must find earrings that are comfortable for wearing all the time, not just when you can show them off! 


Which earrings do you recommend for my child? 

Here at Tini Lux we make screw back earrings specially designed for kids. The shorter 3mm post is great for tiny lobes, with backs that are secure and reduce the risk of falling out. We offer finishes in gold and silver but made with pure titanium to ensure that even the smallest ears avoid irritation. I happen to be partial to the Olivia studs, but I am loving these new Mini Celeste studs for a fun summer sparkle!

blue enamel star earrings for kids made with medical grade titanium and hypoallergenic screw backs hypoallergenic bezel set gemstone studs with titanium screw back for kids  

Have more questions about which earrings are best for your child? Please email me at and I will be happy to help! 


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