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mini layla studs

mini layla studs



Nonallergenic Starter Stud Earrings. 4mm mini dome stud earrings.

Why We Made This:

These mini dome studs were added to the starter stud collection to add some dimension to your earscape in the second or third hole. These can be used as starter studs, sleeper studs, and healing studs.

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    ASTM F-67: Pure, unalloyed titanium. This is the safest metal for sensitive ears because it is the least likely to cause a reaction. We use this for almost all of our earrings.

    ASTM F-136: Implant grade titanium. This is an biocompatible alloy containing aluminum, vanadium, and titanium. We use this for our flat back studs.

    STAINLESS STEEL: We use this as a base metal for our bracelets and necklaces. We always use nickel free and lead free stainless steel. It is then plated with titanium nitride, a biocompatible material, to further protect sensitive skin.

    COATING: Titanium nitride PVD is applied to our gold jewelry to give it an 18k gold color. Titanium nitride is a hypoallergenic material that is more durable and resistant to wear than gold plating.

    CARE: Since the materials we use are non-tarnishing, our jewelry can be worn in the water and will not change color, rust, tarnish or turn green. 

    Tested for Purity

    We lab test our earrings to ensure they meet our purity standards

    lab results

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 77 reviews
    Chelsea H
    Very comfortable

    These shipped really quickly and I was excited to put them in my new second piercing. My new piercings were a little over 3 months and I was ready to swap the original stud with something else but wanted to make sure it wouldn’t cause any irritation. Finding these studs was exciting since they were made for sensitive ears and healing piercings. I put them in and I haven’t had any issues at all! They’re also very comfortable to sleep in.

    Melissa Goulet
    I can wear earrings again!!

    I developed the metal contact allergy about a decade ago and could never even put earrings in without my ears immediately turning red and hurting/itching. I’ve been wearing my studs for a week now and I have no reaction! Can’t wait to buy more Tini lux earrings!

    L J
    Can't get enough...

    Finally some earrings without irritation. I'll definitely be buying more.

    Abby Jarman

    These are just the right size and everything I wanted them to be. Plus they are helping the piercing I had done 14 months ago finally heal properly! I’ll be buying from TiniLux again.

    Kathryn Thornton
    Perfect size!

    I've been looking for simple earrings for everyday wear for years that don't make my sensitive ears hurt! I'm so impressed with Tini Lux, the earrings are great quality, go with everything and I've been wearing them daily since I bought them and have had zero issues. I also love these to wear in my second hole, they're small enough to not crowd earrings in my first hole but big enough for what I wanted. Will 100% be buying more!

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    mini layla studs